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I’ve done some videos on BlogTactics to show how you can set up a WordPress blog for free using Fantastico in cPanel, and I’ll be adding a couple more videos next week on uploading new themes and plugins to improve/personalize your blog, but the easiest way of doing all this is to use a installation & setup program that maanges it all for you, like WP Manager DX v2.

I’ve just finished a video on how this system works, so you can see it in action for yourself.

Here’s the video, which is a bit longer than normal as it’s just under 6 minutes:

oh, I should probably also mention that there’s a special offer on for WPMDX2 at the moment, you can pick up a copy for just $47…

UPDATE: The special offer referred to above was available when this post was made back in October 2007, and obviously came to an end at some point, so please don’t expect it to still be available. I do believe WPMDX2 is still well worth the full price though!

WP Manager DX 2 Offer

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Comment by Bill Parlaman
2008-12-30 12:07:00

How the heck do you install the script? I’m stuck on this. Was it easy to do?

Comment by admin
2008-12-30 20:53:06

Hi Bill,
I didn’t install mine myself, I paid the extra $50 for one of Edna’s support team to do it for me, simply to save the time.

Comment by Brian Abella
2011-03-02 08:37:46

i try to install it in my host and it wont work in addon domain so i change to wpmage. But i heard that they latest version does so give it a try .


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