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WordPress T-Shirt Store Theme

How to set up your own WP T-Shirt Site in under 17 minutes…

There’s a new WordPress Theme called Covert T-Shirt Store that makes it a piece of cake to turn your WP blog in to a full Skreened & TeeSpring T-Shirt store in no time at all…

I’ve wanted a T-shirt blog of my own for a couple of years, the only thing that’s been putting me off building one is the amount of time they can take to get set up, and to add new t-shirts to on a regular basis to keep it fresh…

That all changed last week when this new theme was released, now I have my new T site up and running loaded with shirts and I can add new one’s in seconds!

Watch the video below to see what I mean: –

Here are just a few of the cool stuff this theme comes with…

~ Run a no cost, no risk t-shirt business, without having to pay for design or expensive Facebook ads.

~ Designed to maximize your social traffic and increase the chances of your posts going viral

~ Automatic traffic generation with Tumblr Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & more ~ Including Facebook comments!

~ You can fill your sites with quality content 6 t-shirts in minutes without ever writing a single word or creating any t-shirts yourself!

~ It’s the world’s first intelligent self optimizing t-shirt store theme ~ automatically maximizing your commissions and profits

~ Full auto responder listbuilding and social integration, builds your list and generates followers on Facebook, Pinterest and more…

If you ever fancied having your own T-shirt site now you can and it can all be up and running today!

here’s the link to use to check out this theme for yourself: Covert T-Shirt Store

*NOTE: As I mention (and demonstrate in the video) there is an ‘one time offer’ after you purchase the theme for a Plugin that lets create your own T-Shirt designs for Skreened in moments, so you can even use your new T-Shirt site to sell your own designs, instead of other peoples… Sweet!

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