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WordPress Automation Tool

WordPress Automation Software

yesterday a new WP automation tool was released and I’ve been having a play with it, so I thought I’d make a few videos to show just how easy to use this thing is!

This first video, below, covers how to use the software to install a fresh new WordPress blog.

The second video will be how the tool will automatically gather as much keyword based content as you need, allow you to choose which bits to use and the frequency of posts, so you can easily set up a whole years worth of posts in one go, giving you a truly hands free blog…

The third video will cover the main plugin itself which automates the monetization of the blog.

I know from personal experience how effective this kind of plugin can be, as I have my own bespoke plugin that does the same sort of thing that I have been using across most of my auto blog for the last 2-3 years, and it works VERY WELL! 🙂

You can check out the software here : – Stealth Profit Machines

NOTE: You will need one or more domain names for your blogs and a hosting plan, the software works with “addon” domains on a standard cpanel host.

There’s a video tutorial on choosing a domain name, registering, it and a link for cheap hosting here: –

I’m going to include a bonus offer that I believe compliments this tool perfectly…

Part 1 = my Blog Carnival Submitter software from to help you get traffic coming in to your new blog(s)

Part 2 = my list of 100 top paying niches to target, which I’ve never released before, and will help you target the best niches straight away!

To make sure you get the bonuses, it’s the usual process: –

please MAKE SURE the affiliate ID shown at the bottom of the “Secure Payment Form/Order Page” says this: –

[affiliate = confirm]

If it doesn’t then you will need to clear your cookies in your browser settings and then use the link above again

Once you have successfully grabbed your copy follow these steps: –

~ 1. visit
~ 2. open a support ticket
~ 3. paste a copy of the receipt you get from ClickBank

here’s the link to use again ~> Stealth Profit Machines

Note: you don’t need the “upsell” offer to make the most out of this tool, but it is pretty amazing value, so take a moment to check it out.

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Comment by Col
2010-10-05 13:26:19

Link not working for Domain-Variations. I copied link and it is http://bonusdotcom/ I just added “.com” after “bonusdotcom” This looks like a great way of finding domain names.



Comment by admin
2010-10-05 13:40:30

Hi Col,
sorry, fixed now!

Comment by dav
2010-10-05 16:04:58

how do i get to the other 2 videos you refer too

Comment by admin
2010-10-05 17:34:02

Hi Dave,
I’ve not finished uploading the next two videos yet, I’ll be publishing them over the next couple of days: –

Wed 6th Oct : WP Auto Blog Content : 8.30 mins

Thur 7th Oct: WP Auto Profits : 9.59 mins


Comment by Didik
2010-10-10 10:19:04

will try immediately to my WP site. because so busy with my job contract now 🙂 ..


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