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Using Video Submission Sites For Website Traffic

[Traffic Action Plan Part 6]

I’m a VERY big fan of using video submissions to get traffic, I’ve used it a lot and I’ve always had great results, and the traffic in my experience is long term, so it’s one of those great things where you do the work once and get significant long term benefits.

However, there’s another reason I like doing videos so much, they can also be the content for your blog posts, and they can even make up a good quality “lead magnet”, i.e. a gift that you give away for free to help build your list.

So you can not only get long term benefits from the traffic, you can use the actual videos in more than one way, as content for your posts, as submissions to get backlinks and traffic, and as a lead magnet to grow your subscriber list.

How good is that!?! 🙂

And the search engines tend to like videos a lot, so you can end up ranking for keywords with your videos more easily than for your own blog posts…

here’s a quick example from a video I did way back in Jan 2008…

do a search in google for optimised ping list and the 1st result, out of 771,000 “competing” results, is a video I did way back in Jan 2008, and it’s still there…

now I will admit that I’ve since realiZed that I probably should have spelt optimiSed with a Z (optimized), but even with the miss spelling that video has been viewed 1,643 times just on that one video site.

and as a side note, you’ll also notice that the blog post I made using the video also ranks 4th on the page as well, for a double whammy! 🙂

So submitting videos works, on multiple levels.

The decision then comes, do you submit manually, or use a tool..?

and if you submit manually, which sites to use..?

Well, it always comes down to a cost v time decision. If you have time but no cash, then go for the manual option, if you have some cash and want to save on the time then grab an automated submission tool.

If you’re doing it manually you probably want to keep it to a fairly short list, so here’s the most important one’s that I would recommend: –

1st off the “big 5”: –

MySpace PR9

then another 7 that are high PR (pagerank) and get some real traffic in my experience: –

Vimeo PR9
DailyMotion PR7
MeatCafe PR7
PhotoBucket PR7
LiveVideo PR6
MegaVideo PR6
Kewego PR6

If you want to use an automated video submission tool then there are two that I’m going to recommend you take a look at, in no particular order: –

A – ViralSubmitterPro

This has only just been released and I’ve done a quick video post showing how it works that you can watch here: –

ViralSubmitterPro demo video

The advantage with this tool is that it’s multi-purpose, by that I mean it doesn’t just submit to video sites, it will also submit your articles to article directories and press releases to press release sites, so it’s a true “all in one” tool, saving time for you.

The downside is that it doesn’t submit to as many video sites as a specialized video submission tool.

B – VideoBot

This has been around for a while, but is continually updated to keep it up to date and working with the latest video sites, in fact I know it was just updated just last week (2nd week of Nov).

This ONLY submits to video sites, so it’s not a multi-purpose system like ViralSubmitterPro, but then because it’s specialized it does submit to a LOT more video sites.

The total mentioned is over 100, but you should remember that a bunch of these are targeted to a specific topic, so may not be applicable for your business, product or site, although if any are they will bring even higher quality, super targeted visitors.

So which of these is better?

That’s not a question I can answer for you, personally I like (and have) them both, but you will need to decide for yourself which suits your business.

The main difference in my opinion is that ViralSubmitterPro is a multi-purpose tool, submitting your articles, press releases, social sites and bookmarks, as well as your videos, but to less video sites, whereas VideoBot is specialized at Video Site Submissions to submits to more sites, but doesn’t submit anything other than videos.

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Comment by paul
2010-12-01 14:10:28

nice resource! im going to book mark this for reference! 😉 thankyou!

Comment by Sherman Unkefer
2010-12-21 22:45:06

Excellent article and tutorial on here. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have noticed there are more and more videos popping up front page on Google, so looks like I’ll be taking the time to do this on some of my existing videos! I’ve bookmarked this site and will definitely be returning.


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