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If you’ve not heard of (come out from under that web 1.0 rock now!) then you should know that it’s one of the most powerful of the new generation of “web 2.0” sites for bringing traffic to your blogs and websites, but just how easy is it to use..?

I’ve prepared three new videos for you to help you get to grips with StumbleUpon and start using it to bring in new visitors to your blogs.

the first video simply shows you how to sign up with StumbleUpon and add the stumbleupon toolbar to your browser so that you can start “stumbleing” sites, as well as why you might want to have more than one Stumbleupon account.

Note: I use both internet explorer and firefox browsers, so I have a separate StumbleUpon account that I use for each, one account in a “pen name” that I can use to “Stumble” my own sites, and one account in my real name that I can use to “Stumble” other peoples sites. 👿 The second video shows you how to actually “Stumble” a site, it’s really pretty quick and simple once you’ve got the toolbar installed, and after you’ve watched this video you’ll be Stumbleing around like an old pro… 🙂

the third video shows how to add a StumbleUpon button to your website or blog so that you can get people to visit your StumbleUpon profile and encourage them to also “Stumble” your “favorite” (i.e. your own) sites for more traffic.

This video also mentions the free WP plugin that I use to allow people who visit my blogs to “Stumble” them, as well as a whole bunch of other social bookmark site options.

The plugin is called “Share This” and you can download it here:

Share This WordPress Plugin

N.B. If you’re currently using the “Sociable” plugin you might want to reconsider your choice.

Last time I checked the Sociable plugin did not use the Rel=”nofollow” tag, so all those links are leaking pagerank “link juice” from your blog on every single post…

“Share This” doesn’t.

Whilst it doesn’t use the Rel=”nofollow” tag, it doesn’t need to because the links aren’t on the page, they are on a separate pop up, so no “link juice” is lost

It also offers the option for visitors to email their friends a link to your site/post, as well as all the important bookmark site links.

So, imho, you might want to consider grabbing Share this and deactivate Sociable.

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Comment by Augustusfj
2008-03-18 19:21:05

thanks much, guy

2008-05-13 07:24:02

Any ideas on how to build more friends and fans on Stumble?

Comment by ernie
2008-12-08 21:28:19

Hi Matt,
Useful videos, thanks. You might check the first Install Stumble vid above – I keep getting the Add Blogcatalog video. Thanks again

Comment by admin
2008-12-09 18:32:36

oops, well spotted Ernie!
I’ve corrected the mistake, thanks for the headsup.


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