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Top 30 RSS Directories

Top 30 RSS Directories To Submit Your Blog To</h1>

This post is about submitting your RSS feed to RSS Directories to get traffic to your blog or website.

[The post is also part 4 of the Simple Blog Traffic Action Plan, links to the previous 3 parts are listed at the bottom of this post.]

I’m not going to get bogged down in trying to explain exactly what RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is and how it works…

What you need to know is that it is another way in which your blog (or website) content can be delivered to people interested in reading it, either directly to their desktop “RSS reader” or online, without them having to visit your blog itself, although they will often end up doing so providing they are interested in your content.

Simply put, the more ways you give people of finding and reading your content, the more people you are going to be able to reach, and RSS is one more easy & effective way of doing exactly this.

It also has the advantage that submitting your “RSS Feed” to RSS sites will once again get you more backlinks, and help your search engine results.

So let’s move on to how you do it…

1. Find Your RSS Feed URL

The first thing you need to do is find your RSS feed URL.

If you have a WordPress Blog the URL is usually

Most WP themes will have a orange RSS image to make the link easier to find, you can see the one for this blog at the top of the “sidebar” to the right of the page.

The icon usually looks something like this: –

but it can vary in size and color, as some themes change it to make it fit in better with the overall theme of the blog.

2. Submit Your RSS Feed

Second you need to submit your RSS Feed to the best RSS directories to get things going.

I’ve listed 30 of the best directories below for you to use.

You don’t need to submit your feed to all of them in one go, in fact I recommend only submitting to 6 or 7 each week, until you’ve got through them all, but the first 5 listed are the most important to get done.

here’s the list of top 30 RSS directories to submit to: –

  1. [Registration Required]
  3. [Registration Required]
  4. [Registration Required]
  5. [Registration Required]
  19. Submit Feed link at bottom of page
  30. [Registration Required]

3. Use a Ping Service For Posts

Once you’ve got your blog submitted you can then simply use one of the RSS “Ping” services to let a whole bunch of RSS sites know whenever you make a new post.

There are several that you can use, my preference is: –


but to mix things up again, you can rotate between using that one and one of these: –




4. and finally for an Extra Boost…

You should also have done some article submissions by now and many of the article submission sites (like EzineArticles) will give you an RSS feed for the articles you have submitted, so an extra step is to take that RSS feed and submit it to some of the RSS directories as well, which gives your articles an extra boost, in turn giving the links from those articles back to your site an extra boost… 😉

5. As always there are some software tools that can help speed up the process of submitting your blog RSS feed to the RSS directories, you can check out the one I like (as it’s a one of fee and not expensive) here: –


** Don’t forget to check out the previous posts in the Simple Blog Traffic Action Plan series…

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[This post: Top 30 RSS Directories]

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Comment by brendan Carron
2010-11-02 07:32:21

Hey matt.
many thanks for useful info on Rss Directories….(one of Important marketing Blog strategic). well Done on video tutorials.

I love what you included the emoticons for people have oppurtuntity to comment WITH EMOTICONS Up above.

Give me instructions how to get it for my blog…… Have you see other emoticon 2 people click beers together like Martin Lewis@s money saving expert blog.

Thanks again

Comment by admin
2010-11-18 08:22:15

Hi Brendan,
the emoticons Plugin is listed on the plugins page: –
it’s #21 “WP Grins”

Comment by Terry Markle
2010-11-02 14:51:20

Hi Matt,

Thanks a million for your blog series on a simple traffic action plan to get a new site indexed and traffic. I was already using some of the stuff you described also learned some new tidbits. The directory submissions information provided me with additional sources that I had not completely used previously. Some of the blog directories I was already using. I was using some of the RSS directories before but also picked up some new ones from your list. Good stuff.

Best regards,

2010-11-02 20:50:09

Hey Matt,

Another great post with simple, yet powerful tips. I’m looking forward to your continued series on traffic generation.

Thank you,

Fred S.

Comment by Tom Likes
2010-11-17 10:37:33

You have shown me how much more I have to do to get traffic to any of my sites. When I think I’m doing a lot, I always discover there’s so much more. The list of RSS directories will really be valuable. Thank you.

Also, I’d like to add that EzineArticles has a WordPress plugin that allows you to submit your post directly to EzineArticles from withing your blog. It can save time and effort and works very well.

I’ll be back!

Tom L.

Comment by admin
2010-11-18 08:23:54

Hi Tom,
you’re welcome, and thanks for the tip on the plugin for ezinearticles, I’ll check it out!

2010-11-26 01:15:22

Great list. Very valuable. It saves me sooo much time. It summarises the most important places to consider.
Thanks again

Comment by Rajandran
2010-12-06 11:54:16

😉 thats a brilliant idea. Done all the above


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