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The Best SEO Blog To Follow

As I’ve been short on time to prepare new videos recently I thought I’d introduce you to some of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis, as well as why I follow them..

I’ll also add links for a couple of wicked free tools that I use to keep up to date and find blog posts that I want to comment on at the bottom of this post…

One of the Blogs I have been following for over half a year now is Jonathon Leger’s Blog.

He only posts aroung once a week, but when he does it’s always worth reading.

He’s into SEO, but on his own terms, he tests everything himself to see what really works and what doesn’t and he’s kind enough to then share what he finds on his blog.

One of my favorite posts of his recently was all about Paid Links and Google’s current campaign to crack down on bloggers selling “Text Links” and “Paid Posts” on their blogs, it makes for VERY interesting reading…

Here’s two other posts that are also worth taking the time to read:

I recommend following Jon’s blog posts, I think you’ll find it worth the time and he doesn’tpost so often that it becomes a chore to keep up.

and when you tke a look at some of the posts notice how many comments he tends to get, it’s a good indication of just how popular Jon’s advice is..


1. Jon has a whole bunch of products, but one in particular is my favorite.

I have a whole bunch of “niche” affiliate sites, not in the “Internet Marketing/Make Money Online” market.

They provide me with a very healthy and stable income stream for my business.

I used to have to get links for them by “manually”, but not any more, Jon’s service automates the process for me, making it a piece of cake to get good Search Engine rankings, and therefor free traffic, for them.

Check it out here:

3 Way Links

2. I don’t use a “traditional” RSS reader to keep up with the blogs that I like to follow, I use something that gives me a very useful “edge”.

This tool sits in my system tray and automatically lets me know when a new post is made on one of the blogs that I follow.

why is this such a good “edge”?

Simple, it means I can head straight over to the blog and be the first to post a follow up reply to the post..

This means that anyone else reading that blog post is going to see my reply first, which means that (if my reply is well written, on topic and useful) some of those readers will decide to come and take a look at my blog too = free “targeted” traffic..

You can grab a free copy of the tool I use here:

Blog Sniper

3. It’s actually worth spending some time finding blogs that are on topics related to yours and posting useful and relevant comments on them even if you’re not first, especially if those blogs don’t use the “nofollow” tag on the comments, which means you get some “link juice” pointing back to your own blog, but how can you find blogs ralted to yours that don’t use “nofollow”..?

Neil Shearing has a free tool that will do exactly that for you, it’s proving to be a bit of a hit, as it’s been downloaded over 10,000 times already since it was released just a couple of weeks ago..


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