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Submitting Articles For Traffic

This is Part 2 of the Simple Traffic Action Plan, read part 1 here: –
Getting Website Traffic

Using Article submission to get fresh traffic to a web site is often ignored by new website owners, either because it’s just not “sexy” and takes some actual “work”, or because it seems so “old school” it’s positively old fashioned and therefore can’t possibly still work, right..?


Don’t pay attention to the “doomsayers” saying article marketing doesn’t work anymore, you’ll usually find that they’re trying to sell you on something else…. 🙂

It not only still works, but if you do it right and be consistent, it works VERY well!

In fact there are plenty of marketers who use Article Marketing as the mainstay of their online business!

Submitting articles actually gives you multiple benefits: –

1. you get the backlinks from the articles to your website or blog which will increase it’s rankings in the search engines and bring more free organic search traffic

2. you get visitors from the article itself

3. the articles can get picked up by other website owners and ezine publishers and used by them, resulting in even more backlinks and visitors

4. you are seen as more of an “authority” on the topic/niche that you are writing about if your articles are seen across many different sites

5. submitting articles is a “do it once, keep getting the benefits long term” action, as once you’ve submitted the article it will keep bringing you traffic for months and even years to come. Personally I have article I submitted over 4 or 5 years ago that still bring me traffic today.

The main point with article marketing is not to get carried away with it, you don’t need to go submitting your articles to every directory you can find, it’s more important to be consistent and keep submitting several articles every week, week after week, as the effect then becomes cumulative.

If you don’t like writing articles, or simply don’t have the time, then get someone else to do them for you.

I have found many article writers using services like and, and they vary in both the price they charge and the quality of the work they do, and price is not always an indication of quality.

So if you want to find an article writer on an outsourcing site like this make sure you get samples of their work. You will usually end up with work offers from a couple of dozen people with 24 hours or so of posting a job, and you shouldn’t need to pay more than around $5 for a 400 word article.

However, I’ve got a better solution for you… 🙂

for one off’s or odd jobs where you just need a few articles written there’s a service that fits the bill perfectly. I use it myself when I need a few extras written now and then.

you can find it here: –

you can also then use a service to get your articles “spun” in to new “unique” versions to give you more copies to use.

the best one that I’ve found is here: –

# which article directories to submit to..?

i. the first place to start is with as they will submit your article to a whole bunch of other places, including ezine publishers, so you get a pretty good return for you time spent. I believe the basic service is still free, although I have an upgraded account personally, simply because I submit articles through them regularly.

ii. make sure you submit an article to

There’s a special reason for using this directory and it being ahead of the others below, it’s actually the site that a very popular (and powerful) automated SEO tool grabs content from.

you can see the tool here – BFSEO – EvoII

it’s not a cheap system, although it is pretty damned good, but the important thing for us is that if your article gets grabbed by someone using this system they will effectively end up posting a copy of your article (complete with your links in) to a whole bunch of high quality social network sites, hosted blogs and other useful places, so you will end up getting extra backlinks for extra benefit all for free…

nice or what…? 😉

iii. then submit one unique article to as many of these as you feel like (in this order), but try and make sure you do at least the first four.

article directories: –

# obviously the usual article writing stuff goes without saying, i.e. put a link to your site in the article itself somewhere towards the top (for the directories that allow this, most do), make sure you’ve got a resources box at the bottom with your links again in html and plane text, along with a good “Call to Action”, i.e. give people a reason to click the link and visit your site.

and if you want to use an automated article submission tool the only one I recommend is here: –


[this post: Submitting Articles For Traffic]

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Comment by Lyn
2010-10-18 14:32:32

This is good stuff Matt. I much prefer reading what you actually do, than trying to assess the bombardment of sales emails that i get.

Have you seen the new plugin for WordPress, that makes articles unique quickly, basically by topping and tailing? What do you think of it?


Comment by admin
2010-10-20 08:12:40

Hi Lyn,
nope, not seen that one, what’s the url so I can check it out?

Comment by Help For Diabetics
2010-10-18 14:42:13

Thank you so much for the information on I had no idea that there was such a free service 😉

Comment by admin
2010-10-20 08:13:27

yup, iSnare has been around for years and is top notch!

Comment by Bryan McHeyzer
2010-10-18 19:08:29

Hi Matt,
You just lit a fire under me 😉
I have been “gonna” write but like it often happens
it gets put off until the next day and unfortunatly for me
that day had not arrived until today.

There was one thing I was not sure about …which you explained in your post…..
Each article has to be unique when submitting to the directories.
One question…. can I publish the article in my blog before I submit it?
Or does it have to be unpublished?

Great post Matt…thanks


Comment by admin
2010-10-20 08:16:25

Hi Bryan,
yup, it’s always worth publishing a version on your blog first.
What works even better is to write a long article and split it in to 2 or 3 parts, and only have the 2nd/3rd parts on your blog, so people have to visit to complete reading the “series”… 😉

Comment by Sam
2010-10-18 22:20:58

Thanks for all the free tips. The link to is not working.

Comment by admin
2010-10-20 08:17:29

Hi Sam,
the link’s working ok for me, it can be slow though, so please feel free to give it another try.

Comment by Mark
2010-10-19 03:34:17

Hi Matt,
Please can you clarify one point; does it have to be a different article that must be submitted to each of these article directories?

Thanks for the information.

Comment by admin
2010-10-20 08:18:33

Hi Mark,
it doesn’t “have” to be, but you will get more benefit from using different versions, I’d recommend doing so for the main Article Directories.

Comment by Bruce H. Johnson
2010-10-19 09:38:07

So where are the backlinks? I’ve put up at least 10 articles on EzineArticles over the past several months and yet have no link to the website (blog) showing up anywhere with any tool I can find. Sure makes the effort worth nothing.

These are both no-follow (first couple articles) and “regular” links.

Comment by admin
2010-10-20 08:20:36

Hi Bruce,
the simplest way of keeping an eye on the backlinks for your site is to use the FireFox web browser with the plugin installed and use the “Yahoo Links” button to check the back links listed Yahoo.

Comment by Tom
2010-10-23 09:39:54

Matt, do you know of a good but FREE article spinner? I am just curious…

Comment by admin
2010-10-25 20:40:10

Hi Tom,
I don’t know of any decent free ones, although there’s probably one out there somewhere, but I have found a cheaper bit of software that’s a one of cost: –

Comment by Jeremy Selb
2010-10-23 10:22:44

Thanks Matt,
I know the power pf articles, I write all the time and I still get hits from articles I wrote a year ago. Thanks for the list of directories I signed up for a couple I wasnt aware of and I am submiting to them now. Love your blog keep up the great work.


Comment by admin
2010-10-25 20:41:24

Thanks Jeremy!
and yup, it’s great to get visitors years after posting the articles… 🙂

Comment by Chuck
2010-10-23 11:33:22

I ignored Article Marketing for quite a while, now I can no longer afford to ignore this
great and free resource. Thanks for the tips, I will use them.

Comment by admin
2010-10-25 20:42:26

Hi Chuck,
persistence is key, just doing a few every week, week after week, soon starts to add up to some real decent traffic..

Comment by Peggy
2010-10-23 15:57:59 Hey this is coming back a bad link? from Firefox, is any one else having this problem?

What a great bid of information, so informative.

I just saw the reply above that the link is working, No it isn’t. Firefox is telling me the link can’t be found?

Comment by admin
2010-10-25 18:41:17

Hi Peggy,
I’ve got no idea why some people are having problems with the link, I use firefox and have had no problems with it…
I’ve set up an alternative link that I hope will work for everyone here: –

Comment by Timothy Lopez
2010-12-05 00:27:27

Content does play a big role here. A great content you have a lot of people would want to read your article. Thanks for sharing the list of article directories to us. It really helped a lot.

Comment by Nona Mills
2010-12-22 12:30:37

Hi Chuck, persistence is key, just doing a few every week, week after week, soon starts to add up to some real decent traffic.. cheers, Matt


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