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Persuasion Techniques In Marketing

marketers-influenceas a fellow Marketer I’ll bet you’ve had days when all your hard work just doesn’t seem to pay off…

You follow all the rules for bringing in cash and conversions in your niche and your efforts just get ignored!

You buy every new tool and resource but something is missing?


Marketers Influence

A senior expert in the field of influence and persuasion who is herself a successful marketer and software creator, has put together Coaching that is set to change your life!

I can’t think of a better way to get started in 2014, than with this knowledge and skill to weave influence and persuasion into everything you do.

Marketers Influence provides you with the knowledge that every experienced millionaire marketer has acquired.

Often they invest in training or high end Coaching in order to build this knowledge – now you can learn this easily!

Leah’s easy manner and comfortable style of professional Coaching combines with her own personal journey to the first half million in sales since she began selling products in our niche.

Marketers Influence begins with an introduction to the mind which explains why we are able to influence others with our words.

Leah also explains what words you MUST avoid using unless you really know what your doing plus the word that can literally push your buyers and prospects away!

The product includes all the most popular NLP knowledge & techniques such as: –

– VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic)
– Rapport
– Matching
– Mirroring
– Pacing
– Leading
– Timeline
– Embedded Commands
– Presupposition
– Anchoring
– Pattern Interrupts

& much, much more…

Plus Leah dives into Robert Cialdini’s research, often quoted by senior marketers as a preferred reference for their marketing strategies

Key Principles Of Persuasion & Influence
~ Reciprocity
~ Commitment
~ Social Proof
~ Liking
~ Authority
~ Scarcity

AND that’s just Part One!

Honestly this product contains so much vital information and includes examples, tips and tasks throughout, it could be sold for a much higher price.

In Part Two, Leah goes into a variety of important marketing strategies including how to become and Authority in your niche, how to become a successful Blogger, how using Humour in your marketing can increase you success, how and where to use Bullet Points, Copywriting tips, and more …

Check this out now to get the best price and kickstart your new year with a POWERFUL head start above your competitors: Marketers Influence

Your Coach Leah will share valuable information about using influence to improve your Kindle, Article Writing & Squeeze Pages – it’s a jam packed guide to everything you need to know about influence and persuasion and how to build a successful business.

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