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Keyword Research done for you

Keyword Research done for you…

we all know that to build a profitable niche site you need to make sure you get the keyword research right in the first place, otherwise it’s like building a house on a foundation of quicksand!

Now what if you never had to worry about getting the keyword research wrong ever again..?

In fact, what if you had access to all the keywords you could ever need, already researched for you, so you never needed to do keyword research again..?

OK, you asked, here it is, keyword research done for you: NicheReaper

NOTE: the price goes up at midnight Tuesday March 18th

What’s new in NicheReaper v2: –

#1: the data is now more accurate, we’re pulling data from Majestic SEO and SEMRush, which are two of the industry leading sources of search data.

#2: we are now pre-qualifying the keywords that get put in to the database, only keywords that have over 1,000 exact match searches and a CPC value of over $0.25, so you’re sure of the best quality keywords!

#3: you can now add up to 5 of your own custom “filters” to use for your favorite search criteria, to quickly get exactly the data you want.

#4: there’s a new random “Shuffle” option so you can just randomly jump around the database to see if you can spot anything you like, instead of having to scroll through the 100’s of thousands of keywords in there…

#5: when you hover over the new “1, 2, 3” icon just to the right of the keywords it will bring up a quick view of the more detailed info, such as the number of backlinks, whether the keyword is in the URL or in the Title, etc., for the top 10 results for that keyword, you can then click on the keyword to go look at that data in more detail if you want to

and yes, we still have the ever popular “Live Feed” option! 🙂

check out the video here before the price goes up: NicheReaper

*Note: as an example of just how profitable NicheReaper can be, one of the original v1 users found a keyword based domain name that they then flipped for $30,000, not bad for 5 minutes ‘work’!

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