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Did you realise that you can get backlinks to your blogs from your Facebook Profile page?</p>

It’s actually really simple to do using a new facebook application called TagK.

This app basically allows you to add links to a whole bunch of social sites to your profilepage, but more importantly, if you just invite a few friends, you get the option to add your own bespoke links!

this means you can add to any blog or site you want…

You may just recognise one of the people behind this new app.. 🙂

you can visit the blog to find out more about the app – TagK Facebook Social Site Links Application

or just go straight to the TagK application page on facebook

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Comment by peter marshall
2008-06-26 07:54:42

Hi Matt
This is great, I wish I had found this site months ago, I am setting my first blog and trying to get traffic to it, I have been in sales for 15 years and I am now turning to the net, I am currently doing a coaching program with Michael Cheney, I am hoping to make my first product in the next few weeks, I will visit here often.

Thanks Again Matt
For all the information available here.

Comment by richest indonesian
2009-05-31 22:58:28

how to build backlink inside mate? the video isn’t running

Comment by admin
2009-06-02 21:54:51

Hi Rich,
it’s running ok now.
it’s hosted on so they may have been down for maintenance.

Comment by Pisco
2009-12-02 21:54:19

FB links are nofollow, I think is a waste of time

Comment by admin
2009-12-23 13:49:51

just a little heads up for you, Yahoo and MSN do not pay attention to the “nofollow” tag, so that alone stops it being a waste of time.
on top of that, it’s been proven by a couple of people that what ever Google publicly say, “nofollow” links are followed and do have some relevance, all be it less.

Comment by Sylvie Strong
2010-08-04 05:07:47

I agree. This obsession with figuring out whether a link is “do follow” is a waste of time, in my opinion. A link is a link is a link. Get as many as you can and stop obsessing over whether they are follow or not.

2010-12-04 20:49:20

I have always found FB useful to get real guests as well. When people spend ore time on that site, they are willing to click on links that their friends offer.

Comment by kiash
2011-05-25 14:51:55

Some times facebook give us backlinks in very simple way!
just add your site and change your privacy sitting. But it is now always working. so I think you tip will be working good. Thank you vary much!

Comment by cute girl
2011-07-10 15:54:05

“nofollow” links are followed 😉

Comment by David @ Buy Books
2012-02-04 12:09:08

I use Google Webmaster Tools to track my backlinks, although there are questions on whether all backlinks are shown by GWT. If a backlink is shown, does that mean it is factored into the Google algorithm for my site? If a backlink is not shown, could it be that the backlink is still considered? Many unknowns but here are some known observations (begging even more questions).

I see many nofollow links being reported in my GWT metrics. I have posted links in my Facebook profile as well as fan pages pointing to my website. GWT shows backlinks from my fan pages but not from my profile page; and not all my links are shown in GWT.

Comment by admin
2012-02-09 21:44:34

Hi David,
all backlinks should give a benefit to your site, how much will vary according to whether they are ‘nofollow” or ‘dofollow’, or from authority sites, and a bunch of other factors that Google look at.
Getting links from social sites, especially “likes” and ‘G+’s” will help your sites rankings and the traffic it gets.

Comment by curtis
2012-04-02 22:21:51

so do nofollow links hurt your rankings or just don’t help as much as dofollow

Comment by admin
2012-10-03 15:21:53

Hi Curtis,
they just don’t help as much as dofollow links.


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