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Get More Website Traffic

How To Get More Website Traffic

It’s a question every website owner has asked at some point…

Let’s face it, without enough visitors, your website, no matter how professional it looks, will not make any money!

You need traffic, especially targeted traffic.

Learning how to get that traffic can be a massive ordeal, partly because there are so many different potential methods that you can use, from Pay Per Click (PPC) to free “organic” search traffic from search engine optimization (SEO).

Then there’s all the other traffic generation tactics, like article marketing, ppv, cpa, social media optimization (SMO) and social bookmarking, diretcory submissions, blogging, blog commenting, getting trackbacks, RSS submission, video submission, getting backlinks, press releases, yahoo answers, etc. etc. etc.

This list goes on and on, you could easily spend months, if not years, experimenting with all of these different methods, trying to find the one’s that really work, and how to make them work effectively for your site.

Some of us have… 😉

I’ve been driving traffic to my niche sites and blogs for a decade now, so I have tried just about everything there is to try in the search to find what works.

I now drive over a million visitors a year to my sites, and have been doing so consistently for years, mostly on auto pilot, but I’m still looking for new ways to improve what I do and drive even more traffic…

and I’ve just found one!

well, several actually, but for the moment you can get a look at a very simple, but VERY powerful article marketing technique for free here: –

~> Underground Traffic BluePrints Free Video

I took a couple of screen shots of the traffic to some of my sites recently, so I’m going to pop a few of them below, so you can see some proof of the kind of traffic I get to my sites…

Site 1 : 3,600+ unique visitors in May 2010

Site 2 : 8,300+ unique visitors in March 2010

Site 3 : 4,400+ unique visitors in May 2010

Site 4 : 7,000+ unique visitors in May 2010

This one’s actually from a new blog I built last year, and this is a totally hands free automated blog, so you can see how the traffic builds up over the months if you use the right traffic generation tactics…

Site 5 : 57,000+ unique visitors in 2009 [1st year of site being live]

The Underground Traffic BluePrints video shows a little known underground tactic to work out which are the very best niches, article topics and even titles to use, to get the absolute maximum traffic to your sites, and it’s dead simple to use!

Go take a look now while this video is free ~> Click Here To Watch the Underground Traffic BluePrints Video

* This Post: How To Get More Website Traffic

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Comment by Donald Cast
2010-07-08 14:36:17

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Matt, great post, great info, great blog. I’m using your “tactics” from now on. Thanks, Don

Comment by Adil Amarsi
2010-07-08 14:46:34

Hey dude,

Cool post, product looks good, will have a look at it in a mo when my net decides to work again lol.

speak soon,


Comment by Andrew Stark
2010-07-08 15:07:09

Hi Matt

Found this post via twitter and your aweber feed. Just thought I’d let your readers know that I’ve had access to the underground traffic secrets course and I’m totally loving the $0.01 traffic that I’ve been able to find. Previously I’ve always been priced out of the market and not been able to find keywords, so if I can do it then anyone can…


Comment by admin
2010-07-08 16:04:19

Hi Andrew,
I’m going to run through the rest of the videos tonight so I can do a more in depth review, and I think I can guess what the $0.01 traffic tactic is… 😉

Comment by Peter Le Do
2010-07-08 15:25:32

Hi ! Matt
Thank You very much for the Blog’s guide.
What you have in your Blog is so well orgainized, looked amazing graphics.
Wish you all the best,

Peter Le Do

Comment by Sally
2010-07-08 15:38:55

Hey Matt,

Wow your getting a ton of traffic!

Will go check out the video, thanks for sharing the link, god knows we all want lots more lovely traffic.

Sally 🙂

Comment by Simon Croft
2010-07-10 18:38:30

Hi Matt,
Will be reading many more of your posts to learn to drive traffic to my blog,
Great post
Many thanks

Comment by Nishirs
2010-07-11 09:56:28

Thank you for the great info. I will be using your tactics. You keep it so simple and easy.
Thank you very much

Comment by John Paul Aguiar
2010-07-11 20:05:37

nice tips.. getting “good” traffic is an issue for everyone.. any lil bit can help.

Comment by Pete Carr
2010-07-14 06:13:19

Hi Matt,
As ever a great post. I have actually already invested in Underground Traffic Blueprints.
It blew me away. I have only got through the article marketing training, WOW, my article marketing is going on steroids. It was worth the cost of the course just for this.
So Thanks Matt.
Pete 🙂

Comment by Stephen
2011-09-28 00:04:13

Hi matt, i love this post. Keep it going.


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