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Thousands of domain names expire every day.</p>

The reasons vary from the owner simply forgetting to renew the domain to going out of business. Whatever the reason, you can grab some great bargains if you know how…

I’ve done a video to show how you can do this using a service called RegCompass

The video is here:

how to register expired domains

If you find a domain that you want to register then you can use these two services to try and grab the domain when it “drops” (i.e. becomes available to register)

If you do go for this I would again recommend that you check to make sure that the pagerank is not faked. I’ve been stung by this in the past, so I know it can and does happen. you don not want to spend money on a domain that seems to have high PR and turns out to be faked..

Check the domain you are interested in here: –

in the next step we’ll look at getting a host for your new site.

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