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Add a Facebook Fanpage Blog Widget

This quick video shows just how easy it is to get extra Facebook Fanpage followers by adding a “Like Box” widget to your blog sidebar…

as always, please feel free to leave your feedback and comments!

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Comment by Jonathan Lake
2011-09-28 10:05:09

Hi Matt,

Very informative and easy to follow video thanks.

Regarding the vanity URL, you can now get a vanity URL (providing it has not already been taken!) without 25 Likes for the first vanity URL you get. For all subsequent ones you still need 25 Likes.

Hope that helps.

Keep up the great work


Comment by Joanne
2011-11-13 16:34:24

I have added Iframe to my blog and now the widget you are speaking about does not seem to be visible, any suggestions?

Comment by admin
2011-12-01 20:01:18

Hi Joanne,
um, it’s hard to say without knowing exactly what you’ve done, although I did notice your blog is “BlogSpot” not, so I’m not sure how blog spot deals with iframes, I tend to stick with WP. 🙂
p.s. I’ll get an answer out to your email as well tonight. 🙂


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