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Archive for January, 2013

Website Graphics, Headers and Icons

Need some ready to use graphics..?

ok, this post is all about graphics and there’s several different options I’m going to cover, so if you’re not interested in graphics, images, headers, special fonts, twitter backgrounds, facebook backgrounds, sales page templates etc. then this email won’t be of interest to you…

So here’s the quicklinks to the options: –

Option #1: Mega pack of done for you graphics for just $9.97
here: ~>

this includes: –

~ Sales Page Templates
~ 3d eCovers
~ Kindle Book covers
~ Website Headers
~ FB Timeline Covers
~ Mobile Flyers
~ Youtube Channel Backgrounds
~ Twitter Backgrounds
~ Social Media Icons
~ Powerpoint Backgrounds
~ Layer Styles
~ Banner Templates
~ Badges & Signs
~ Testimonial Boxes
~ Killer Fonts
~ Call To Action Buttons
~ Photo Frames
~ Torn Paper Strips
~ and more…

*Note: photoshop not required!

Option #2: Adobe Photoshop Smart Action Scripts for eCovers for $37
here: ~>

Choosing Amazon Affiliate Products

Amazon’s associate (aka affiliate) program is one of the simplest way’s of making decent online income from niche blogs, but finding the best products to promote can be a long winded, time consuming and boring process, even when you know what you’re doing!

wouldn’t it be easier if you could just get a list of all the very best new products researched for you..?

Quicklink ~> Amazing Product Lists

Don’t get me wrong, finding the best products to promote isn’t really that difficult, it just sucks up your time, energy and enthusiasm, leaving you drained and not wanting to complete your site… 😉

Even when you know what you’re doing it can often take up to an hour to find just one “gold nugget” product in just one department/niche, and even then you’re not going to be sure whether you’ve picked the best product on offer in that niche…

Up until now the only way to make sure has been to put hours and hours of mind numbing, repetetive ‘research’.


My mum’s blog got hacked

My mum’s blog got hacked…

Most website owners have no idea that their site has been hacked until it’s actually too late…

Watch the video to see how my mum’s blog was hacked ~> BlogDefender

The first you know could be when you receive an email from your web host that your account has been suspended, or worse yet, closed down entirely!

BUT it could be even worse than that…

If your site has been hacked for a while and you’ve not noticed, Google probably has, and they will have dropped it out of the SERPS!

AND yet even that’s not as bad as it can get…

If you’re site has been used for a “phishing” attack to gather other people’s online banking or PayPal login info (one of the more common exploits) then you could be about to get a call from the real world authorities, the Police!

Sounds pretty scary right?

Yup, it is, so you need to lock down your site right now!

The good news is it’s really pretty simple to do, once you know how…


How To Create Mobile Apps

How to create Mobile Apps

aka. What makes a “no brainer”?

that’s a phrase I don’t use very often, but occaisionally something comes along that deserves it…

Quicklink: ~> Mobile App Software

So what actually makes something potentially a “no brainer”?

imho, it’s gotta be something that: –

a. offers far greater value than the cost of the investment
b. is simple to get to grips with and use/learn from
c. offers real potential for increasing your online income.

I believe this ticks all of those boxes without any problems!

We all know that Mobile Apps are hot right now, and only likely to get more and more popular.

What most people don’t realise is how easy it can be to build and profit from them, either by building apps for your own business, or for other people’s businesses.

As usual, all you need is the right tool for the job…

In August last year a new app building system was released. It was released for a limited time as a “Beta” offer, in other words still in testing and any new members at that time would be expected to help out with feedback to make the product even better.