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Archive for October, 2007

Another great aspect of using WordPress is the vast selection of “plugins” available.

These little plugin applications can do anything from helping stop comment spam (Akismet) to adding smiley’s to comment posts (wp-grin from, and a whole lot more. I’ll post a list of my favorite plugins and what they do soon, but in the meantime, here’s a short video (3.34 mins) showing how to upload and activate new plugins for your WordPress Blog:

One of the really cool things about using WordPress is that you can totally change the look and feel of your blog in just moments by choosing a different theme and if you do a search on Google for “free wordpress themes” you will find literally hundreds of them, in all sorts of weird and wacky colors and styles.

I’ve finished another short video on using wordpress, this one shows you how to upload new themes to your blog and select them, the video is just over 2 minutes long:

I’ve done some videos on BlogTactics to show how you can set up a WordPress blog for free using Fantastico in cPanel, and I’ll be adding a couple more videos next week on uploading new themes and plugins to improve/personalize your blog, but the easiest way of doing all this is to use a installation & setup program that maanges it all for you, like WP Manager DX v2.

I’ve just finished a video on how this system works, so you can see it in action for yourself.

Here’s the video, which is a bit longer than normal as it’s just under 6 minutes:

oh, I should probably also mention that there’s a special offer on for WPMDX2 at the moment, you can pick up a copy for just $47…

UPDATE: The special offer referred to above was available when this post was made back in October 2007, and obviously came to an end at some point, so please don’t expect it to still be available. I do believe WPMDX2 is still well worth the full price though!

Well I figured it was probably about time I got this blog claimed for my Technorati Profile and to do so means Technorati need a way of verifying that this is my blog.

The choice is to give them my admin id and password, which I’m not keen on, although I’m sure it’s probably safe to do so, or posting a link on my blog with a bit of code in it that they give you, hence the link in the previous paragraph.

Making this post is also a simple, but effective, way of recording the date I added BlogTactics to Technorati for future reference when I’m checking the traffic stats to see how many extra visitors the blog gets for all this effort…

So why add my blog to Tecnorati?

3 reasons:

1. it gives me an extra backlink to the blog

2. I can install the technorati blog widget to add some extra keyword “juice” to my blog from the tags

3. being listed in Technorati’s blog database can actually bring more targeted visitors to my blog.


Get a Blog Made For You

Looks like I need to apologise again, it’s amazing how time flies when you’re busy…

It’s taken me more than a week to catchup on stuff after spending four days at the UK BritPack IM Seminar.

You can read about the weekend on the blog of a cool guy I met there, Randolf Smith.

He’s posting his comments about how he enjoyed the weekend and as I spent a lot of time hanging out with him and don’t have time to post about it myself, you can read his posts to see how the weekend went here:

BritPack Day 1

BritPack Day 2

Randy also has an excellent book called HeadPaint that’s well worth taking a look at, I found it a great read and it’s dirt cheap…



On a different note, I’ve recently had some readers ask me if I could set up a blog for them, and as I’ve got abunch of PR2 domains that I’m not using at the moment I thought I’d put together a deal.