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WP Plugin Activator

My apologies, it’s been a little while since I’ve added a new video or new post, and next week is likely to be quite as well simply because I’m moving and and things are a bit “up in the air” right now.

However, my wonderful coder has managed to finish off another plugin for me, it’s a simple to use plugin that allows you to activate or de-activate multiple plugins at one time, so when you are setting up a new blog you no longer need to activate the plugins one by one!

I know this is going to save me a LOT of time!

Here’s the video (6 Mins): –

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Comment by Chris
2008-04-20 04:35:58

I followed your video instructions but I can’t find the download. It takes me to a page that says “Downloads have moved” but it doesn’t say where to!

Comment by admin
2008-04-20 08:18:22

Hi Chris,
totally my fault, I missed one of the links I needed to update, it’s corrected now, so should work fine, but let me know if you have any problems.
Matt Garrett

Comment by Heinz
2008-04-20 14:28:36

I want your WP plugin activator as well as the plugin which is able to embed
html code.How can I get it ? Your download page moved.

regards, Heinz

Comment by admin
2008-04-21 15:03:58

Hi Heinz,

you can get the plugin activator plugin by subscribing to the BlogTactics Newsletter using the optin form in the sidebar, just fill in your email and name, you will then be sent an email with a confirmation link in it to verify that the email address is yours and is correct, simply click on the confirmation link and you will then be sent a second email with the link for the correct downloads page.

If you’ve already subscribed then simply use the same email address and name and you will be taken straight to the correct download page.

sorry it’s a “double optin” process, but I have to make sure the newsletter in compliant with the “Can Spam” act.

Matt Garrett

Comment by Heinz
2008-04-21 12:30:40

The video ” Embed HTML Code WP plugin ” by Robin Good is very interesting.
How can I get this plugin?


Comment by admin
2008-04-21 15:05:54

Hi again Heinz,
I’ve no idea how you get the “embed HTML code WP Plugin”, I’m not familiar with it, sorry!
I would take a look, but I’m in th emiddle of moving house, so I’m a little short of time right now..
Matt Garrett

Comment by Dianne
2008-11-24 06:27:57

Hi Matt,

I have tried to install the wp plugin activator on wordpress6.2 and when I activate it and go in to manage it, there are only about 10 files in it and the top has about another 10 lines all with the same code saying that something is missing in line 56.
Missing argument 2 for wp_plugin_update_row() in /home/www/ on line 56
Is this not compatible with 6.2 or how do I fix this? Thanks
Dianne Burton

Comment by admin
2008-11-24 14:12:04

Hi Dianne,
WP V2.6+ has the same mutli activate/deactivate feature builtin, so you shouldn’t need the WPPluginPro plugin if you’re on this version of WP.
The error message sounds like there may be compatibility issues between the plugin and the theme you’re using, unfortunatly with somany WP themes available I can’t guarantee it will work with all of them, sorry!

Comment by Kent F
2009-03-28 11:47:24

Hey Matt – wondering if this works with 2.7 WP? I uploaded it, but find no ability to “tick off” those I want and don’t want as you do in your video – I see your preceding comment to Dianne – but don’t fully understand it. Thanks!


Comment by admin
2009-03-28 14:57:09

Hi Kent,
the plugin is not longer required for versions of WP newer than 2.6 (which includes 2.7) as the funtion is now built in.


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