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Using WordPress Widgets To Cusomize Your Blog : 4.33 Mins

Using WordPress Widgets

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Comment by Tyrone
2008-10-23 20:53:39

Hi Matt
Thanks for the themes. I like the video’s, and all of the training.
This is my first blog (I’m a newbie) – I am using Blue Simple 1.0 , and I am using wordpress version 2.6.2. In the video you are using a different version of wordpress. My question is this – I am not able to remove – Pages – Categories and Archives from Sidebar 1 and I am not able to remove – Recent Notes – links and Meta from Sidebar 2 , I don’t even see the screen where I can drag and drop the widgets – and the Sidebar Arrangement screen (that is shown in the video) isn’t being displayed (in wordpress 2.6.2) – help.


Comment by admin
2008-10-26 15:27:46

Hi Tyrone,
yup, I need to update the videos as editing widgets in the sidebar nowworks differently in Ver 2.6+
to remove a widget from a sidebar simply click on the “edit” link on the sidebar title box, then choose the “remove” link at the bottomofthe new box that opens.
hope this helps.

Comment by susanne
2009-02-10 22:54:46

Interesting but more basic facts for us newbies would help please. Maybe you do this in the other videos? Thanks for the presentation but I’m not sure yet how helpful they would be for me. Ta’ Suanne


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