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WordPress API Key

How To Get a WordPress API Key

A couple of the more important WordPress Plugins (specifically WP Stats & Akismet) require a WordPress API Key to work, but where do you find your WordPress API Key?

I’ve made a quick video to show exactly where you can find your WP API number and how to pop it in to WP Stats and Akismet to make sure they are activated.

You will need to get a account set up, which is free, and you can check the WordPress API instructions page here: –

Getting Your WordPress API Key

You can also find the links for the dowload pages for both the WordPress Stats plugin and the Akismet plugin on the WP Plugins Page

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Comment by Pete Carr
2010-08-11 17:09:39

Hi Matt,

Just followed your instructions, how easy was that.
Akismet and WP stats active on my blog.

Thanks Matt, you make life a lot simpler.


Comment by Angie
2010-08-17 18:39:28

Thank you so much Matt for the tutorial…it is soooo easy when you know where to look!!!

Comment by Johnny Twoshoes
2010-08-18 13:45:25

Matt, keep throwing a few of these great and beneficial videos up everynow and then, OK
I know they take time but there are many of us out there that enjoy them.


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