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Web Site Traffic Secrets

There’s been a bunch of questions about Simon and Jeremy’s Underground Traffic Blueprint videos, so I thought I’d quickly post their replies, and some feedback from happy customers, along with a quick reminder of the very special (and LIMITED) bonuses I’ve got on offer for this wicked video tutorial website traffic course.

So here’s the most popular Questions and the Answers: –

Question #1: Does this really work?

Answer: YES!

Take a look at this feedback:

“My Results from just one method taught in the Underground Traffic Blueprint Course –

In a nutshell, I spent $25.03 to get 1,627 clicks to my website – and added 218 new subscribers to my list!

This is SERIOUS traffic, responsive – and it’s cheap. You need to learn how to drive it to YOUR website.

Get Underground Traffic Blueprints!”

– Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

That’s less than $0.12 per confirmed subscriber!

I’ve had a look at this particular tactic and it really is simple to put in place, it’s one that I’m going to be using a LOT myself… 🙂

Or how about this feedback:

“I implemented your Adwords trick last night to the letter.

My ads were approved about five hours ago and I’ve already had nearly 200 unique visitors for a cost of just AUS$3 (about $5).

I can’t wait to repeat this strategy in more niches.”

– James Penn

Question #2: I’ve had bad experiences in the past with other marketers ripping me off, can I trust Jeremy & Simon?

Answer: YES!

They’ve been working online for around 10 years and have a track record of helping others and providing outstanding products and services, Just google them or take a look at this-

“Score 100/100:

1. for Deliverying on the Promise

2. honesty and integrity

3. clarity of presentations

4. knowledge that is vital to success in Internet Marketing.

I will be most willing to purchase any future product from these two Marketers.”

– Dushan Vaithilingam

Note: I should also mention I know Simon & Jeremy personally, having met them both way back in 2007, and consider them to be good friends.

In fact Simon lives here in the UK and we get together several times a year for a chat over a few beers… :lol:

Question #3: I’m a total newbie though, will this work for me?

Answer: YES!

This is for newbies as well as advanced levels, check out this feedback: –

“I’m a relative newbie to this business and my late husband, Barry always trusted Jeremy & Simon so when he past away, I changed the info to mine.

They were great helping me get everything changed over into my name and I know that they really do care about people. I’ve been going through UTB this past week and I have to say the videos and info are just great and very informative!

I have no trouble understanding what they are showing me and I’ve started to put this in action.

Thanks again Jeremy & Simon!”

– Martha Richardson

Question #4: Come on guys, I’m a veteran marketing and pride myself on knowing just about everything there is to know about traffic generation and online marketing…

Is there really anything new inside? Cause I already know it all ;-)

and the price – what? You’re not charging $2,000? Can it really be any good?

Answer: YES & YES!

They’ve shown this to many of the top marketers online and they’ve all been blown away by this course…

examples –

“Guys, you’ve raised the bar again.
Your videos for UTB are shockingly great.
Truly excellent. I’ve seen $1,997 courses that weren’t half as good…and I’ve seen most of them.”

– Michael Rasmussen

“I’ve been to $1000-ticket seminars and not discovered half the traffic tactics you reveal in these videos.”

– Michael Cheney

“I’ve seen $997+ products offering WAY LESS than what your Underground Traffic Blueprints do.”

– Aaron Leighton

“WOW!!! This course is insane! I’ve been an Internet Marketer for a lot of years now and as a result have purchased many, many products related to the Internet Marketing niche.

I’ve spent many 3 and 5 figures on home study courses, seminars, and a multitude of (You Name It), other marketing products, trying to master my craft and find a competitive advantage to optimize my results.

This is without question the most cutting-edge course on traffic I have ever seen, and I have seen most every one of them on the market.

Underground is exactly what accurately describes the strategies included in this amazing course.


– William Level

I’ve been driving over a million visitors a year to my sites for almost a decade now (you can see some example traffic stats shots here – Get More Website Traffic), so I was thinking the same sort of thing, was I actually going to learn something new…

I’ve got to admit I’ve not had chance to watch all the videos yet, but the simple reason for that is I watched the first set and DID learn something new, something so cool I’m going to start working on it this week, which is the only reason I haven’t watched the rest of the videos yet, well, that and the fact I’ve had my kids staying with me for the last few days.. 😉

Want to read more comments? Just go to: ~> Underground Traffic Blueprint

If you’re sitting on the fence about this or think you can just get it later, that’s up to you, but I should remind you that…

~>the price is going up at 8am EST TOMORROW Morning!
~> the valuable fast action bonus will also be removed at the same time…

but most importantly…

~>you will miss out knowing these secret underground traffic tactics, and they are going to start charging extra for the two bonus sets of videos!!

This is the must have traffic course for everyone doing business online, seriously, don’t kick yourself for missing out later…

Get it right now at:

~> Underground Traffic Blueprint

** My Bonus Offer **

When you grab your copy of Underground Traffic Blueprints through my link ( Underground Traffic Blueprint ) I’ll set up a fully SEO optimized WP Blog FOR YOU!!!

This is an bonus I don’t offer very often, as I do this PERSONALLY, and it takes up a bunch of my time…

AND it always sells out pretty darned fast, so you need to move on this RIGHT NOW!

Note: see below for how many spots are left…

Here’s what you get: –

1.  I will help you choose a domain name to use and show you exactly how to register the domain

2.  I will provide the first years hosting for you

3.  I will set up the WordPress blog for you

4.  I will set up the email for you

5.  I will make all the changes and tweaks needed to make your blog SEO friendly to make sure it gets maximum traffic

6.  I will install the plugins I personally use on my own blogs

7.  I will install one of the best SEO themes I use

8.  I will set up the blog with my favorite FREE automated content tools & Blog Traffic Widget

You will get a fully working, Optimized, SEO Friendly, Traffic Ready Blog!

All you need to do is use Simon & Jeremy’s Underground Traffic Blueprints to start the traffic rolling in.

I think you’ll agree that’s a real bonus with REAL value to you!

Now here’s the downside, as this is going to take some personally time from me, I’m keeping it seriously limited, so this is for THE FIRST 15 20 people to sign up ONLY!!!

UPDATE: 16 of those 20 spots have already gone, the last will go quickly, so feel free to email me to check whether there are any still available.

That means that RIGHT NOW there are only 4 [Four] bonus spots left to be grabbed…

Once they’ve gone, that’s it, I won’t be adding any more as I simply don’t have the time!

Here’s the link to use ~> Underground Traffic Blueprint

Just in case you miss out on the “blog built for you” offer, I’ve also put some other extra bonuses together which you can check out here: –

Underground Traffic Blueprint Extra Bonuses

VERY IMPORTANT: To make sure you can claim your bonus, please MAKE SURE the affiliate ID shown at the bottom of the “Secure Payment Form/Order Page” says this: –

[affiliate = confirm]

If it doesn’t then you will need to clear your cookies in your browser settings and then use this link again ~> Underground Traffic Blueprint

Once you have successfully secured your copy follow these steps: –

1. visit
2. open a support ticket
3. paste a copy of the receipt you get from ClickBank

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Comment by Cecil
2010-07-29 06:40:54

I purchased the UG Traffic Blueprint using Matt’s link and made off like a happy camper! Not only did I get tremendous value with the traffic-generating strategies revealed by Jeremy and Simon, but Matt over-delivered by building a WP blog based on the same design he uses for! It’s a winning combination that I’ll be making the most of.
Maxiglide Straightener

Comment by admin
2010-07-29 21:38:32

Thanks for the kind words Cecil!

Comment by Pete Carr
2010-07-31 06:16:21

Hi Matt,
To anybody thinking of buying Underground Traffic Blueprints, DO IT.
Just from The “article marketing” module, i learned more from this one module than i have from anything else on the internet.
My article traffic has trebled in the last week!!

Thanks for the recommendation Matt.
Pete 😯


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