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Discover just how easy it is to get extra traffic, backlinks and blog readers to your blog with the BlogNetwork application on facebook with this short video [5.18 mins]

Get the BlogNetwork Facebook Application

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Comment by Abi Carmen
2008-11-04 12:55:23


Just added my personal blog, thank you for the great info. Do you have to add each blog you own separately or can you nput several in each widget?
P.S. Added to your following on Twitter too.

Comment by admin
2008-11-05 04:17:29

Hi Abi,
you can add all your blogs to the BlogNetworks App, and then get a widget for each one to add to the blog itself, but each widget is just for the one blog, although you could add the widgets for as many of your other blogs to any site.
hope that makes sense.

Comment by Kumar
2008-12-03 01:45:23

What software do you use to record screen movements and then publish the video?

Comment by admin
2008-12-03 15:50:17

Hi Kumar,
I use Camtasia from Techsmith, it’s not chaeap, but it is the best and has a 30 day free trial period.

Comment by Simon Smith
2008-12-24 04:50:08

Hey Matt

Thanks for the heads up on this facebook application.

I added you to blogs I like

Thanks again

Comment by Simon Smith
2008-12-24 04:51:50

Hi Matt

Sorry forgot to ask

“Is it worth upgrading to Pro?


Comment by admin
2008-12-24 12:42:57

Hi Simon,
I gotta say I don’t know…
I’ve not played around with the extra bits you get from upgrading to pro. I’ve only got the upgrade as it’s included when you advertise with them, which is something I’m testing out.

Comment by Kumar M
2009-01-03 18:02:17

I see that this video has revver at the bottom. You had indicated that you create videos using Camtasia. Why do you not use their hosting for the video? Is revver a video hosting service?

Comment by admin
2009-01-05 13:54:04

Hi Kumar,
yup, I host most of my videos on the video hosting service.
Once I’ve created the videos with Camtasia I then upload them to Revver for a number of reasons: –
1. hosting the video on revver saves me on bandwidth, and therefore saves me money
2. using the “Embed video” code makes it very easy to add the videos to any of my blogs, and allows other people to use the videos on their sites as well if they wish, which can bring in extra visitors
3. the videos on revver can end up ranking highly in the search engines for the video keywords and therefore bringing in even more free targeted traffic to the site.

Comment by Dan
2009-07-03 09:45:51

This is no longer the WordPress format. So the video is no longer accurate or very helpful. I found it under widgets/gravatar.

Comment by admin
2009-07-09 22:09:18

Unfortunately it’s more than a little difficult to keep up with the constant changes in the format of WP, so I apologise if some of my videos aren’t bang up to date.

Comment by Betty
2010-06-22 04:57:16

thank you so much for this video!! really helped!!


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