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Using Custom WP Blog Themes To Get Backlinks and Traffic

It seems that my custom WP blog themes have been reasonably popular with people, with well over 1,000 downloads already!

Although it seems the BlueSimple theme has nudged ahead as the most popular of the 4 themes: –

BlogTacticsBlueSimple – 29% of downloads

BlogTacticsVintage – 24% of downloads

BlogTacticsBYS – 23.5% of downloads

BlogTacticsBOS – 23.5% of downloads

There have been a lot of comments giving thanks for me offering these themes for free, which I really do appreciate, but I thought I’d better come clean and explain exactly what I’m up to, as it’s not entirely an “altruistic” act of generosity… 🙂

In marketing online it’s always best to look for opportunities to get more than one benefit from anything you do, and the custom themes are a classic example of being able to get multiple benefits!

obviously, the first benefit is that I have my own themes that are designed the way i want them, with some extra features built in to make life easier, like the built in banners admin and the built in option for adding custom header graphics straight from your hard disk.

then of course there’s the backlinks…

any free theme that you download and use for wordpress will have one or more links in the footer for the theme designer, it’s a simple but effective form of promotion and can get a lot of new backlinks for your primary website(s).

Mine are no exception to this rule.

So I’d like to thank anyone who has downloaded and uses one of my themes for doing so, I really do appreciate it!

But that’s actually just the start, I now have a job open on RentaCoder to get someone to submit all 4 themes to 250+ free WP theme sites to get even more backlinks from those sites, and to get even more people to download an install the themes on their blogs.

are you starting to see just how powerful this can be..?

and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same!

in fact I’ll do what I can to help, if you are interested in getting your own theme designed, I’ll be happy to give you the name of the coder I used on RentaCoder so you can get your own done, depending on what you want, it should cost between $100 and $250 for a basic theme to your own design, although it will be more if you want extra “features” built in like I did.

If you’re not sure you can come up with any interesting ideas for the design of your own theme, just do a search on “free wp themes” and see what else has been done, then visit some of your favorite blogs to get some more ideas, but make sure yours is different in someway, as you will end up with more people using it and sending you backlinks.

on top of that I’ll also be happy to share the name of the “coder” that I get to do the theme directory submissions for me once you’ve got your theme done. The cost for submitting just one theme should be less than $100.

now there’s no telling exactly how many backlinks you will end up with, but with the popularity of blogging nowadays it could be pretty significant.

the other point to remember is that this is something you only need to do/pay for once, and as time goes by you will end up with more new backlinks coming in for months, or even years to come…

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2008-10-23 16:23:39

Hey Matt,

I love the honesty. I must admit that I downloaded them twice – somehow lost the first downloads on my drive somehow. The only thing I would change is a slightly bigger font. I’ll try them out and see how work.
Thanks again for your honesty.


Comment by Ron
2008-10-25 08:47:09

Hey Matt
Thanks for coming clean ! Appreciate your honesty…but to be honest myself I already knew about the backlinks .
I am in the process of unsubscribing from a lot of lists so I can concentrate on my own work…todays mail from you made me decide being on your list is a keeper.
Wish there was more honesty in internet marketing
Thanks for the tip but designing is not my thing .

Comment by Hilmy
2008-10-25 08:53:46

I had similar intention to release free wp themes too for the exact same reason – backlinks! I always wanted to design it myself but looks like it’s going to take too much of my time. I guess I should go your way hiring someone for some bucks. I think it’s worth it.

Comment by Bill Masson
2008-10-25 09:09:03

More power to your elbow, If you can produce your own WordPress themes then you have a huge advantage over non techies. One of the best ways to build appropriate backlinks ahead of atrilcle submission. 🙂

Comment by William
2008-10-25 09:25:56

HI Matt,

Thanks for the tip on using themes for backlinks. I’d heard about it but the difference in what you’ve done is to then go a head and teach us the underlying reasons 🙂

Most other people would just leave it as offering themes.

The estimates for developing a theme also give an idea to those wnating to explore this futher so thanks again



PS: I got no confirmation of my previous comment post so have just done it again. If you get 2, feel free to delete one

Comment by Richard McLaughlin
2008-10-26 08:38:28

I have made a few widgets and WP plugins for the exact same purpose. People like the widget and stick it on their blog and I include a “if you want your own… download it at…” so I get back links, plus the traffic that the widgets send. I send people to a page that has the link to download and it all comes out great for me.

Comment by June
2008-10-27 19:56:43

Fabulous idea! I had never thought of that. Thanks bunches.

Comment by Alex Newell
2008-11-01 09:23:17

Yes Matt, I’d noticed the footer links in free themes I’ve downloaded and realised the backlinks advantage and I certainly want to use that method myself. I’m also hatching lots of ideas along the same lines using viral marketing.

All The Best


Comment by proviets
2008-11-04 00:54:20

Using Custom WP Blog Themes To Get Backlinks and Traffic. Only for WP/WordPress, What about blogspot? Thank’s

Comment by admin
2008-11-05 04:12:11

Hi Proviets,
I don’t use BlogSpot so I have no idea whether it’s possible to use a similar tactic there.
However, I wouldn’t recommend building a blog on a system like BlogSpot where you do not own the domain or the blog, it’s not a real business…

Comment by Rob
2008-11-04 03:22:04

I had never thought of that as a way of getting backlinks, it is so obvious. Thanks for the blog. I now just have to get organised and comeup with a theme or have one done.

I guess this is similar to getting little software programs done and submitting them to software directories for backlinks.


Comment by Eric
2008-12-01 14:04:12

Thanks Matt,
I knew of course about giving and receiving more in your case trading themes for back links. The other two things is that you’re at the same time building trust and loyalty. A community.
When you do that along with your FREE video series “Blog Tactics”, (I’ve just seen two, so far) you are on your way to an Authority site. I liked it more that your willing to give your contacts to help others. Hat’s off to your ‘parents’ for raising a good kid.
I’ll be putting your blog on my ‘TICKLER’ to check back for useful information. (we used that B4, bookmarks and RSS) remember?

Comment by admin
2008-12-01 17:01:13

thanks for the comments Eric!
my parents are pretty cooland gave me a great childhood. 🙂

Comment by Paul Mracek
2008-12-22 23:55:46

Hi Matt..
Having a problem with a couple of things on the blue theme that I downloaded and used..I was hoping that you could help..for a newbie its a bit over my head.

The things I am having trouble with is:
1. The “Menu” bar, e.g. Home, About, etc. only shows 10 characters, no more…if I use more its not seen as it is under the post can be seen on your blog page on the top.
How do I get more than 10 characters to show for a New Page name?

2. Product advertisement: I can’t seem to get a jpg picture of a product to centre in a post, keeps going left justified even when I try changing in the WP editor either html or visual..any can see what I mean at …spent hours trying to fix and now going grey on top only?

3. Do you have any widgets to add in on the side bar “Follow Me” for social networking and “Email Updates” ..having trouble putting these in to the blog?

Hope you can help…driving me crazy to try and get these to work..

Great theme..getting comments from visitors that they like the look…thank you..
Best wishes…Paul

Comment by admin
2008-12-23 18:40:09

Hi Paul,
1. can’t say I’ve ever tried using a page name of more than 10 characters, I’d have to test it out, but I guess it’s a limitation of the theme as to how much space there is for each page name in the title bar, sorry!

2. it should be an option that you can “tick” when you use the insert image feature, but if that’s not working, simply add the following in the html –
and that should do the trick

3. the simplest way to add “widgets” etc. for things like Twitter is to simply add “Text Widgets” to the sidebar and paste in the html for that service.
I’d recommend using the div tags to keep the html within the widget and centered: –

html content

and you can find a post on Twitter graphics here: –


Comment by admin
2008-12-23 18:42:19

WP has processed the div tag code I used, so you can’t see it…

I’ll include it as an image instead so you can see what you need to type: –

div tags


(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by arr
2009-02-06 17:59:16

You are showing us how to set up the whole deal and your videos start with


Comment by admin
2009-02-07 11:41:54

Hi Arr,
not sure why you think the first thing I show is to do with autoresponders..?
Have you downloaded the the free “STEP BY STEP” guide, thats takes you through each step you need?
Maybe you should try that first… 😉

Comment by Tagor
2010-01-09 04:06:26

Your suggest about using themes really useful. Thanks.


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