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Twitter Automation

Last summer I noticed that a few of my niche sites where I had set up a corresponding Twitter account were starting to get more traffic from those Twitter accounts, so I figured it was time to take a more serious look at how I could capitalize on Twitter for driving even more taregted free visitors to my sites.

I spent a few weeks expanding my knowledge of exactly how Twitter works and after a lot of playing around came up with a method for building pretty big lists of targeted followers very quickly. It was one of those kind of “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner” moments…

I used the tactic on a couple of accounts and ended up having to increase the bandwidth allocation on my servers for those sites because of the extra traffic that Twitter was bringing them.

At some point I was chatting on skype with my friend Tahir Shah and mentioned what I’d been doing and that I wanted to automate the whole process to make it hands free.

He didn’t even hesitate in offering to use his programming team to get it done. Well it turned out to be a bigger job than either of us expected, but here we are 5 months later and you now have the chanced to get the same kind of results that this system has been giving me for the last couple of months.

You can check out the introduction video here – Twittollower Offer

To give you an idea of the kind of results you can get, I just popped over to and took some screen shots of recent activity on 3 seperate accounts.

This first one shows the Twitter account getting 570+ new followers in 7 days.

The second is for another account that got over 600 new followers in 7 days.

Then there’s this one, that received over 900 new Twitter followers in a week, not bad, right..?

and here’s the important bit, these are not only targeted followers, it’s also entirely “hands free”!!!

All I need to do is login to tweet now and then, although I’ve actually integrated these 3 accounts with automated blogs that I have in the same Niche Markets, so that tweets are made automatically whenever a new blog post is made on the blog, which is also automated, so in fact these 3 accounts are totally hands free for me.

Now because this system is so damned good we’re not going to be letting many people in, and right now we’ve got a very special, very limited pre-launch offer, so go take a look now, as it’s filling up even faster than we expected!

Twittollower Offer

[Twitter Automation]

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Comment by Laura
2010-01-05 18:26:15

Awesome product. I want to know if I can have several twitter accounts with different products at twittollower.

Comment by admin
2010-01-05 20:19:56

Hi Laura,
at present the system only allows for one twitter account per Twittollower user, this is partly to make sure we don’t over stretch the servers with too much work, as the system does quite a lot.
However we are considering offering a”Platinum” level account that will allow multiple Twitter accounts, I just can’t say how soon we may offer such an upgrade yet.

Comment by Don
2010-01-05 18:38:17

Hi Matt,

Interesting Video, but I didn’t see or hear a price.

I would be interested. How much?


Comment by admin
2010-01-05 20:21:10

hmm, which video did you watch?
Tahir mentions the pricing, as well as the current special offer for the first 200 people, towards the end of the video…

Comment by Viju Dallon
2010-01-05 18:40:31

Woo! This is awesome! What a traffic spike! 500 to 600 new followers in 7 days.
I wanna know more Matt!

Comment by admin
2010-01-05 20:52:39

Hi Viju,
it’s not exactly a traffic “spike” as the system consistently provides results like this

Comment by Kent
2010-01-05 22:46:11

So, if I understand correctly Matt – the price is for one account, which would then only follow the niches from that one account? How many niches can you follow with one account? Thanks!


Comment by normz2
2010-01-05 23:19:06

I am not a real fan of twitter. Most people I have come across so far have been sellers and not buyers.

2010-01-06 00:03:41

The service looks great. Automation is always helpful for online marketing and social media especially since twittollower will provide targeted followers.

Comment by ken
2010-01-06 19:10:21

Quite a marathon watching the whole video through. 😯

What a great product compared to similar offers I’ve seen before.

Could we use this specifically to send followers to affiliate links?


Comment by Matt Garrett
2010-01-06 20:29:09

Hi Ken,
it’s up to you what your tweets are about or what links they include, however I would recommend mixing some content in with “paid” links.

Comment by admin
2010-01-06 20:35:38

Hi Kent,
yup, one account = one niche
it works best that way.
we are looking at offering a platinum upgraded level where people can add more than one account, but we’re being careful with the number at the moment to make sure we don’t get any server overload problems or such like.

Comment by Martina
2010-02-23 10:37:17

Do you mean someone can have different niche’s with different accounts?

Comment by admin
2010-02-23 21:17:26


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Comment by Bill
2010-01-14 12:58:38

I was just wondering how to get Twitter to be more automated. Awesome!


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