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Well I figured it was probably about time I got this blog claimed for my Technorati Profile and to do so means Technorati need a way of verifying that this is my blog.

The choice is to give them my admin id and password, which I’m not keen on, although I’m sure it’s probably safe to do so, or posting a link on my blog with a bit of code in it that they give you, hence the link in the previous paragraph.

Making this post is also a simple, but effective, way of recording the date I added BlogTactics to Technorati for future reference when I’m checking the traffic stats to see how many extra visitors the blog gets for all this effort…

So why add my blog to Tecnorati?

3 reasons:

1. it gives me an extra backlink to the blog

2. I can install the technorati blog widget to add some extra keyword “juice” to my blog from the tags

3. being listed in Technorati’s blog database can actually bring more targeted visitors to my blog.

and it only takes a few minutes to do.

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