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One Way Linking Works

Back in December I posted about a new one way linking system that I was testing out, you can watch the video here: –
One Way Links Video

well I remembered to go take a look at the web stats for my test sites a week or so ago and I’m pleased with the results, you can see for yourself in the video below…

With a 3-400% increase in just 3+ months you can see how effective this system is, especially as it only took a few minutes to put in to place for each site, as you can see in the video.

It’s also worth making it clear that these are new test blog that have had no other promotion done for them, so the increase in visitors is down to this one way linking tool!

I guess you can see why I will be spending some time over the next week or so putting a lot more of my blogs in to this system, I recommend you do the same!

you can grab the one way backlinks system here: –


One Way Links

Getting One Way Links To WordPress Blogs

Discover how easy it can be to automate the process of getting hundreds of targeted one way backlinks to your wordpress blogs : 8.23 mins

Here’s the link to check out the system, whilst it’s not free, it’s far from expensive, especially for how easy it is to use, how many sites you can add (up to 100) and the number of backlinks you can get from it: –

Get the One Way Backlinks System

I should also mention that there’s a built in system to get extra links and social “Buzz” from social network sites as well. 🙂

Exec-PHP WordPress plugin page

Google External Keyword Tool

Oh, and there’s a cool free SEO Guide for you as an extra bonus –

Download the free SEO Guide

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