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Persuasion Techniques In Marketing

marketers-influenceas a fellow Marketer I’ll bet you’ve had days when all your hard work just doesn’t seem to pay off…

You follow all the rules for bringing in cash and conversions in your niche and your efforts just get ignored!

You buy every new tool and resource but something is missing?


Marketers Influence

A senior expert in the field of influence and persuasion who is herself a successful marketer and software creator, has put together Coaching that is set to change your life!

I can’t think of a better way to get started in 2014, than with this knowledge and skill to weave influence and persuasion into everything you do.

Marketers Influence provides you with the knowledge that every experienced millionaire marketer has acquired.

Often they invest in training or high end Coaching in order to build this knowledge – now you can learn this easily!

Leah’s easy manner and comfortable style of professional Coaching combines with her own personal journey to the first half million in sales since she began selling products in our niche.

Using Social Media For Automated Traffic

[aka Making Your content Go Viral Just Got Easier…]

A revolutionary new plugin has been released that can triple your blog traffic by compelling people to share your content and images on social media.

But, it does a whole lot more than that, watch the video at the bottom of this post to see this powerful plugin in action…

here’s a bit of a FAQ info for you about the plugin to help you decide whether it’s right for you: –

Who is this plugin for?

~ Marketers
~ WordPress users
~ Bloggers
~ Kindle Authors
~ Offline Business Consultants
~ Amazon Marketers
~ Affiliate Marketers
~ Local Business Owners
~ Traffic; SEO Consultants
~ Social Media Consultants
~ Content Marketers

Why You Need This Plugin Now!

~ Social Sharing is a primary objective for all marketers to increase TRAFFIC
~ Images are shared more than any other type of content
~ Your prospects suffer with sharing icon blindness
~ Viral content is 93% images shared on Facebook
~ Facebook is competing with Google for search engine status
~ Getting prospects to FIND you and your content

Use Facebook like an autoresponder [plugin]



We all have the same problem, our email inbox just gets busier & busier everyday!

the same is true for all your prospects, so your emails to them get read less & less often…

you need a way to reach out to them that doesn’t get buried in their inbox, a way that they can’t miss, that they’re actually looking for…


Facebook is it!


check out the demo video:

**Note: this is going up in price later today!!

This is a real simple plugin that takes just minutes to get set up and works with all the main autoresponders.

it basically let you treat Facebook like your own personal autoresponder!

when someone clicks on your Facebook connect button on your blog this adds them to which ever autoresponder list you choose, with their Facebook email, which will be a real, working email.

then, whenever you want, you can send them a Facebook update notification straight from your plugin.