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Article Writing Software

Article Writing Software

Article Writing Software ArticleBuilder from Jon Leger has some spots up for grabs at the moment, although they may well have all gone by the time you read this post, as Jon’s stuff is always popular AND this auto article writer and article spinner is super cool!

don’t take my word for it, watch me show what the software can do in the quick video below…

You can check to see if there are any spots left in Article Builder Here

You may also want to check out my SENuke Review Video

and the blog backlinks system UniqueArticlesWizard

[this post:]

Article Writing Software Tool: Beta Testers Needed…

I bet I’m not the only one who’s had this: –

You need to get a post written for your blog, or perhaps an article for submission, so you sit down with a blank screen to get it done, and you end up just sitting there staring at the blank page, until you find something else to distract you…

and the blog post, or article, just doesn’t get written!

Sometimes you just can’t get started, you need somewhere to start from, some spark or idea…

yup, I guessed that wasn’t just me! 😉

it happens, there’s even a name for it, ‘writer’s block’, you may not be an author pening some ‘War & Peace” epic, but you can still get the dreaded writer’s block, all the same!

and most of the time all it will take to get you through is a few simple ideas to give you somewhere to start from…

one of the things I love about spending so much time is, sooner or later, someone provides us with a solution to these kind of problems, and this one is a doozy!


The Best SEO Blog To Follow

As I’ve been short on time to prepare new videos recently I thought I’d introduce you to some of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis, as well as why I follow them..

I’ll also add links for a couple of wicked free tools that I use to keep up to date and find blog posts that I want to comment on at the bottom of this post…

One of the Blogs I have been following for over half a year now is Jonathon Leger’s Blog.

He only posts aroung once a week, but when he does it’s always worth reading.

He’s into SEO, but on his own terms, he tests everything himself to see what really works and what doesn’t and he’s kind enough to then share what he finds on his blog.

One of my favorite posts of his recently was all about Paid Links and Google’s current campaign to crack down on bloggers selling “Text Links” and “Paid Posts” on their blogs, it makes for VERY interesting reading…