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Nothing Works Part 2

Clive (aka “The Grumpy Old Chef”) posted another comment on my “Nothing Works” post (you should read that and the comments first if you haven’t already, Clive’s original comments are about half way down the page) that I felt needed a longer reply than is really suitable for a “comment”, so this post is my reply.

Here’s Clive’s comment: –

No, I’m not defeated – I had no expectations from the start. Everyone laughed at me from day one.

I thought of capturing emails by giving the book away for emails but I’ve found that those who’ve signed up for a freebie have no intention of ever buying anything.

Apart from that, it took me six months VERY hard work to write and it WILL save people money.

Maybe I should just write some IM hype and sell for $97. LOL Everyone else is making a fortune this way.

I’ve never bought a single IM product that’s made me a cent.

I have sales page templates – I’ll have to see if I can use them.


Nothing Works

Here’s a question I received in my inbox this week….

“Please tell me, honestly, where do you get your money from? Cos I have tried everything, and nothing works. What you hiding?”

as my answer ended up being a bit long, I thought I’d share it here…

What am I hiding?

Ok [name removed], here’s the secret, but keep it too yourself…

“focus and persistence”

Yup, it’s pretty much that simple.

Find something you like doing and stick at it, don’t jump on to the next “shiny new thing” when you don’t make your first $1k in the first week!

What do I make money from?

Well, this list is probably going to make your comment “’Cos I have tried everything, and nothing works” seem a little off the mark…

Article Marketing – I’ve made as much as $2,000+ in 24 hours with just one article, but don’t expect to get that kind of result straight away, be persistent…

Keep writing new articles and testing new “markets” to find what works for you, then do more of it, then do some more!