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Getting Website Traffic

Getting Website Traffic

Need to get some traffic to your new website?

Here’s my basic Traffic Action Plan…

These are simple “old school” techniques that you should always run through to start getting traffic to any new website you set up.

They’re not flashy or “black hat” or “secret loopholes”, they’re just the boring old standard stuff, but the important bit is these tactics WORK!

  1. Get your site indexed by submitting to some authority sites
  2. Article Submissions
  3. Directory Submissions [inc. Blog Directories]
  4. RSS Submissions
  5. Blog Comments
  6. Video Submissions
  7. Social Bookmarking
  8. Traffic Widgets for blogs
  9. Press Releases
  10. Blog Carnivals

I’ll be running through each of them in future blog posts, but to get things rolling we’ll cover the first straight away, as it’s really quite simple.

1. Getting your new website indexed

There’s actually two things I recommend doing to get any new website indexed, the first is to simply submit your website to the backlinks tool here: –


Get More Website Traffic

How To Get More Website Traffic

It’s a question every website owner has asked at some point…

Let’s face it, without enough visitors, your website, no matter how professional it looks, will not make any money!

You need traffic, especially targeted traffic.

Learning how to get that traffic can be a massive ordeal, partly because there are so many different potential methods that you can use, from Pay Per Click (PPC) to free “organic” search traffic from search engine optimization (SEO).

Then there’s all the other traffic generation tactics, like article marketing, ppv, cpa, social media optimization (SMO) and social bookmarking, diretcory submissions, blogging, blog commenting, getting trackbacks, RSS submission, video submission, getting backlinks, press releases, yahoo answers, etc. etc. etc.

This list goes on and on, you could easily spend months, if not years, experimenting with all of these different methods, trying to find the one’s that really work, and how to make them work effectively for your site.

Some of us have… 😉