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Adding Author Details and Product Recommendations to Your Blog : 3.09 Mins

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Changing blog header colors

Changing the color of your header text in Blogtactics WP Themes : 2.20 Mins

Changing Blog Headers

Restoring Default Header Graphics in BlogTactics WordPress Themes : 0.55 Mins

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Custom Header Graphics On WordPress Themes : 3.30 Mins

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Custom WP Themes

quite a few months back I had someone from (thanks again Andre!) make a couple of bespoke wordpress blog themes for me.

the plan was to get a theme that was clean and simple in appearance, with SEO stuff built in, along with some nice touches for visitors, as well as some banner management and a way of adding header graphics easily.

then I was going to let you have a copy to use for your own blogs…

but I never got around to finishing off all the videos to show how to use them and make the most of the built in features.

before I give you some example sites to see what you think of them, here’s a few of the “features” built in: –

  1. different style bullet graphics
  2. feature for adding header graphic straight from your computer and cropping it to the correct size
  3. automatic banner adding feature for top and bottom of each page
  4. option to hide static “pages” from the top menu bar
  5. search box
  6. font resizing