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WordPress Automation Tool

WordPress Automation Software

yesterday a new WP automation tool was released and I’ve been having a play with it, so I thought I’d make a few videos to show just how easy to use this thing is!

This first video, below, covers how to use the software to install a fresh new WordPress blog.

The second video will be how the tool will automatically gather as much keyword based content as you need, allow you to choose which bits to use and the frequency of posts, so you can easily set up a whole years worth of posts in one go, giving you a truly hands free blog…

The third video will cover the main plugin itself which automates the monetization of the blog.

I know from personal experience how effective this kind of plugin can be, as I have my own bespoke plugin that does the same sort of thing that I have been using across most of my auto blog for the last 2-3 years, and it works VERY WELL! 🙂

A mate of mine, Chris Freville, has been giving away a whole bunch of cool info for free over the last week or so, including: –

~> Step By Step Video Of How I Built A Brand New List Of 2,952 Subscribers In 72 Hours [27 min Video]

~> Free Landing Page Templates [zip download]

~> The $500 a day Blueprint [pdf download]

~> Building Your List From Zero [pdf download]

This is some seriously cool info on how to get your list building started and turn it in to an automated system, using the method that Chris uses himself to build his own $45,000+ a month income…

and you can grab it all for FREE right now, I’ll show you how in a moment…

so why has Chris been giving away all this cool free stuff?

Simple, he’s got a fantastic new course he’s offering and the doors have opened on it today, called Internet Marketing Empires, but that means you’ve missed out on the freebies, right?