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I don’t often reveal my niche/test blogs, but if you pay attention in this video you’ll see a 2 or 3, including one that is not only totally automated, but also gets 100+ unique visitors a day without me doing anything to it since I set it up..

I even show you the stats, and if you pause the video and ignore the blip in March caused by the host, you can see that the traffic is actually growing month on month, and I’ve not even used any of my backlink strategies on this blog, as it was set up as a test for this plugin.

I guess you can say I’m pleased with the results!!! 🙂

So what’s this video about?

well, there’s a free WordPress plugin that you can use to have unique’s content articles posted to your blog every day totally automatically, making the blog “hands free”.

PLEASE NOTE: To find where you can download the Plugin for FREE you NEED to watch the video!

It’s a commenly held belief that brand new websites can take a long while to get indexed in Google and start getting natural traffic from the seacrh engines.

Fortunatly this belief, like many other miss informed SEO “myths”, is simply wrong, especially when it comes to blogs.

Neil Shearing is one of those marketers who tends to ignore “commonly held beliefs” and just try things out for himself, he’s previously proven that it’s perfectly possible to make money from article sites using PLR content that other people are also using.

I used a copy of his article site script to do the same, you can read about it on my Testing blog here:

automated white hat adsense sites

anyway, back to the point of this post, this time Neil has gone and proved how it’s possible to get a blog indexed in Google and getting natural SE traffic within just 3 days of the domain being registered!

The blog then went on to make it’s first sale within 10 days and made over $3,851 of sales in it’s very first month..