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Get A Blog Built For You

I’ll Build Your Blog Bonus FAQ

I’ve had a few questions about my “I’ll build your blog for you” bonus that I’m offering for Andrew Hansen’s Plug and Play Niche Cash system, so here’s the answers: –

1. Yes, you can use your own hosting, I recommend a reseller account with Hostgator, as this will allow you to host multiple domains with the same account.

2. Yes, the blog will include all 36 plugins that I use myself, including 5 bespoke plugins of my own.

3. No, I won’t be posting the articles/reviews for you, as you will need to re-write them first, but I can provide a tutorial video to show you how to make a post and to make it sticky so it stays on the home page.

4. Yes, the blog will be configured with my favorite auto content plugin to provide fresh content every day.

5. Yes, the blog will include integration with Twitter, just let me know your Twitter account info and I’ll set it all up for you.

How do you choose a Niche that’s going to make money?

It’s one of the biggest problems people face when starting out online, not just because it’s something you need to decide right at the start, but pick the wrong niche and you’re probably never gonna make a bean!

One of the most pushed answers is “go with your passion“, which is great if your passion happens to be in a highly popular and profitable niche, but if your it’s something a bit off beat like “Snail Racing” or “collecting 18th century buttons”, then that bit of advice is not going to help you one bit!

Personally I’m not too bothered about how “passionate” I am about the niche itself, I’d rather know that it’s a profitable one, that’s usually enough to keep me interested, after all, this is a business I’m running, and you should look at it in the same way.

So then it comes down to doing a whole bunch of keyword and market research to make sure…

  • there’s sufficient searches for the niche

Blogging Money Guide

In my last post I talked about how good Andrew Hansen’s Automated Blogging system FirePow is and how it’s just the job for quickly knocking out Niche Money Blogs that focus on small, highly targeted, buying markets and keywords, if you missed it you can read it here: –

Automated Blogging

Well, Andrew’s just written a 30 page “no fluff” report on how to do this “niche blogging” thing, he’s kept it real simple, but has covered exactly what you need to do and how it all works, including: –

  • >> why “niche” blogging works
  • >> finding the right “Buying” niche/keywords
  • >> where to find the right offers (a lot easier than you might think!)
  • >> the only “SEO” optimization you need to worry about, and how
  • >> how to make sure the visitors buy
  • >> how to create the few bits of content you need
  • >> how to get the right kind of traffic
  • >> what you really need to know about link building

If you’ve been reading this blog for even a short while, you’ll know I’m a massive fan of blogging, particularly in niche markets, as a method of making fast and long lasting cash online.

I’m always telling people how easy it is to set up blogs to promote affiliate programs, get a little search engine traffic, and watch the commissions start rolling in… but…

The thing is that for most people, it’s not as easy as it for old nerds like me.

Truth be told, there’s a lot involved in picking the perfect niche market, the right product to promote, using just the right content, and knowing how to build the right backlinks to make all of it come together to result in a profit…

A buddy of mine that you’ve probably heard of has an eerily similar method to me when it comes to making profitable niche blogs. We actually got together in London earlier this year and discussed it over a beer! (or a Guinness in my case!)

see the pics of Me & Andrew Hansen having some beers



FirePow – the alternative to Google Conquest

A few days ago I made a video giving a look inside Google Conquest, if you haven’t watched it yet you can check it out here – Google Conquest Review

The bad news – Google Conquest filled up and was closed to new member at the end of Monday, as expected.

The Good news – I’ve found another system that does a lot of what Google Conquest offered, just without the PLR info products and coaching/mentoring!

The system is called FirePow and here’s a brief outline of what it includes: –

  1. Blog Creator – installs and sets up your blogs for you with al the plugins you need
  2. Blog Manager – including traffic stats and other useful info
  3. Article Poster – quickly & easily find and post relevant, targeted articles to your new blogs
  4. RSS Content – find and publish RSS content to your blogs for fresh content
  5. BlogNetwork – massive netowork of blogs for getting free targeted backlinks to your new blogs
  6. RSS Submission – automatically submit your blogs to RSS directories

I recently did an interview for Codrut Turcanu and one of the question he asked me was who are my favorite bloggers to follow, so I though I’d post a copy of my reply here. You can grab a copy of the full interview from Codrut’s blog here Remarkable Blogging, although he may not have added it yet.

So who are my favorite bloggers to follow?

I actually “keep an eye” on 40+ blogs, and I’d consider all of them worth reading, but there are some obvious names that stand out from the crowd, like (in no particular order): –

Chris Garrett (no relation), who is a fellow Brit and a real savvy blogger

Darren Rowse, who is another one of the worlds top bloggers and shares some very useful info and tips

Yaro Starak, another top blogger who understands exactly how to make the most from his blog

Neil Shearing, who’s a fellow Brit internet marketer who is one of the most respected names in the “internet marketing” industry, with good reason


Proof Blogging Makes Money

If you didn’t take a look and Andrew Hansen’s new Auto Blog System yet you really should!

Auto Blogging System


well, he’s just done a case study to show how simple it is to start making sales with his system.

He set up a new blog and just used a few of the free traffic and link building activities covered in the system and…

The brand new blog pulled it’s first sale within 4 days!

Then two days later, another sale!

In it’s first week, this little blog did $54, and ONLY from free traffic!

What makes this even more impressive is that he only put a couple of hours work in to this blog…

AND the content is non unique content from article directories!

Andrew’s not the only one making money with the system, it’s only been released for about a week and there’s a whole bunch of users who are already reporting success with the system, one guy even made his first sale within 15 hours of his blog being live!

This actually launched a few days ago, but I wanted to have the chance to check it out before I told you about it.

It’s from a 22 year old who’s practically retired and spends most of his time travelling, thanks to his blogs…

His name’s Andrew Hansen and he’s got an excellent track record in the internet marketing world, as his products are always based on what he does himself tomake a living online, and they’re always simple to follow and understand, but for this one he’s gone a step further!

He’s now set up a system to automate the process he uses to build profit pulling blogs and pull in all the traffic he needs and he’s giving you the chance to use it!


~ WordPress blog creator
~ blog manager – manage all sites from one panel
~ 40 best wordpress plugins from the web
~ 14 custom plugins including, traffic generators, content generators,
~ testing and management tools and more.
~ wordpress custom theme generator

Intergrated Promotion tools, including: –