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Submitting Videos for Traffic

I use quite a few different techniques for driving traffic to my different sites and blogs, although I tend to try different tactics for different sites, the main method that I use for all of my sites is getting one way backlinks from other sites, and automating or outsourcing the process as much as possible to make it a “hands free” process.

I don’t do reciprocal linking at all, I gave up on it over two years ago now, as I simply found it far too time consuming for the value of the links I would get.

For this blog I have concentrated on just a couple of tactics to see how well they work, and I’m obviously fairly pleased with the results, as the site currently gets between 350 to 500 unique visitors each day, on average.

I’ve previously posted about using BlogCarnivals to get traffic, so I thought it was time I posted something about the main method I use to drive new targeted visitors to this site, video submissions.

around half of the posts I make here are tutorial videos to help with different aspects of setting up and configuring a blog, as well as how to make money from blogging.

These videos serve several purposes for the blog:

1. they provide valuable content for my visitors (or at least I believe they do) that will help to encourage visitors to sing up to my newsletter or RSS feed and come back again.

2, I upload the videos to a wide variety (20+) different video sharing sites, each one of which provides a valuable backlink to the blog, helping to increase it’s popularity in the search engines.

3. the videos themselves always mention that there are more videos available on this blog and my other internet marketing video site, so they encourage people watching the videos on those other sites to come and visit the blog.

Whilst the first two are important, the advantages are obvious and don’t need to be expanded on, I hope..

The third point is the one that I want to go in to a bit more details on, as it’s true power may not be immediately obvious.

At the end of January (Jan 26th to be precise) I set up new profiles on ~20 different video sharing sites and started posting video to them, all with links to this blog.

I’ve only posted 18 videos so far and taking just one of those sites as an example, those 18 videos have been viewed 2,421 times so far.

so in 45 days, those videos have been viewed on average 55 times in total each day.

Now making the assumption that just 10% of those viewers end up visiting the site, that’s around 5 new free (and targeted) visitors I’ve received from just one video sharing site, and the videos are posted to 20.

so the videos across all 20 sites should be bringing in around 110 new visitors each day.

Obviously I’m making some assumptions on the figures here, but I’m keeping them fairly conservative.

On average I’m adding one new video every 2.5 days, so by the end of the year I should have around 140-150 videos bringing new visitors to the site.

Now let’s have another look at those figures and work out what kind of traffic I could be getting by the end of the year just from video submissions.

with 18 videos bringing in around 110 visitors each day, 150 videos could easily be bringing in over 900 new targeted visitors each day, and that’s based on the assumption that only 10% of people who view the videos visit the site, it could easily be higher, as the videos are “niche” specific and help people with potential problems they’re having with their blogs…

could you use 900 free targeted visitors a day?

The potential problem here is that uploading all those videos to 20+ video sharing sites is an absolute nightmare, which is why I use a tool to automate the process for me:

The auto video submission tool I use is VideoRobot

it may sound like a lot of work to create those videos, but once you’re used to using some video software like Camtasia, it’s actually pretty simple.

I can knock out 4 or 5 videos (usually around 4 minutes long) in less than an hour, and don’t forget, these videos are not just for bringing new visitors to my blog, they also serve as good quality content for the blog itself, two birds with one stone as they say…

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Comment by seelay
2008-03-19 08:07:53

Hi Matt,
Agreed with you that videos is on the up-trend, a way as part of the marketing process.

However, I’m a newbie. Just started learning on “Internet Marketing” with very low budget due to some financial constrain.

Therefore, I have to KIV this tool.


Comment by Shane Butler
2008-07-09 23:06:35

Hi Matt,

Thanks for all the great info on your site here. This week I took a site of mine that wasn’t doing anything and changed it into a blog.

I want to check out videorobot but your link isn’t working. (Might want to check it out. 😉 )

Thanks again
Shane Butler

Comment by admin
2008-07-10 17:57:40

Hi Shane,
not sure what’s going on with my link, checking in to it now, thanks for the “heads up”!
Matt Garrett

Comment by admin
2008-07-14 15:15:33

Hi Shane,
VideoPostRobot had changed ownership so my link was out of date, it’s now working again, and the new owners have already started releasing new upgraded verssions of VPR…

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