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This video shows how easy it is to convert product datafeeds from ShareASale to use with Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secrets auto posting wordpress plugin, including how to run the import.

Neil’s new conversion tool makes this process a real simple and quick process.

Video Length : 6 mins 38 secs

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Comment by Ken Garrett
2009-02-15 14:35:50

I have been able to get tis conversion tool to work on on occassion with a datafeed containing less than 300 items. I have not been able to mae it function with datafeeds containing 2000+ item. The posts are added to the site but all are shown as “pending” and are never added automatically to the site as is claimed to occur in the information refferring to the plug in . The plug in is a great concept however from my perspective is nonfunctional


Comment by admin
2009-02-15 17:57:51

Hi Ken,
I’ve run the script on a blog for a shareasale feed that had almost 9k items and they all posted without needing to be approved, so I’d have to guess that it’s a setting somewhere either in WP or the feed tool, open a support ticket with Neil, I know he will help you to get it fixed!
Matt Garrett
p.s. are we related? 🙂


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