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Use Facebook like an autoresponder [plugin]



We all have the same problem, our email inbox just gets busier & busier everyday!

the same is true for all your prospects, so your emails to them get read less & less often…

you need a way to reach out to them that doesn’t get buried in their inbox, a way that they can’t miss, that they’re actually looking for…


Facebook is it!


check out the demo video:

**Note: this is going up in price later today!!

This is a real simple plugin that takes just minutes to get set up and works with all the main autoresponders.

it basically let you treat Facebook like your own personal autoresponder!

when someone clicks on your Facebook connect button on your blog this adds them to which ever autoresponder list you choose, with their Facebook email, which will be a real, working email.

then, whenever you want, you can send them a Facebook update notification straight from your plugin.

you know the 3 bits at the top of Facebook that show when you have new friend requests, messages or notifications right?

these messages appear in their notifcations list, how cool is that!?!

what this means:

~ you’ll end up with more sunscribers because you make it so easy for them to subscribe

~ you’ll grab their attention and get your message in front of them EVERY time you hit send

~ it’s super easyy and quick to send a notification update

~ you know the email you’re getting is real

there’s a demo video so you can see it in action…

check it out before the price goes up, there’s a $50 discount that ends later today…

here’s the link: ~> Pulse Notify

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