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Some changes, an apology and a gift for you.

over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a disturbing change in how I spend my time…

I’m now spending 3-4 hours every day just answering email questions on a “1 to 1” basis and it’s stopping me having the time to do more useful stuff that can benefit all of my blog readers & subscribers, like products tests, tips & real lessons, & (my favorite) tutorial videos on the stuff you really need to know…

I do enjoy being able to chat with people and help out wherever I can, but I need to get back to doing it more on a “1 to many” basis so I can help more people, rather than just a few people.

So I Apologise, but I’m going to have to be a lot tighter on the time I spend answering questions on a personal “1 to 1” basis, to get back to making the lessons, tips and videos that I enjoy doing and can help more people…

What this means for you?

well, it simply means if you have a question that isn’t directly related to one of my products or services (for which you can still get support here – you will get a quick reply asking you to go to this site: –

Get The Answers You Need

That is where you can get the answers you really need to move your online business forward, on any topic, and you’ll be getting them from not just me, but also 100+ other proven experts!

I know how frustrating it can be to get stuck on something that stops you making real progress, I’ve been there, and I haven’t forgotten!

that’s why this site is so important, it has people who can answer ALL of your questions, on any topic.

and the time this gives me back will allow me to do more for every one of my subscribers, so we all win…

and to show my thanks, instead of going out for a few beers with a good friend (sorry Col!), I’m going to be spending several hours tonight putting together a special gift for you, along with the instructions you need to use it, to help you kick start your list building, which I’ll post here Gifts for Giveaways tomorrow, so go check out that site, and keep yours eyes peeled for an email from me tomorrow…

Now Live – Gifts for Giveaways

Get The Answers You Need

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Comment by Richard
2009-03-14 09:51:31

Hey Matt, you’re absolutely right to use your time to best advantage – we’re all here to make money right? It’s all too easy to get bogged down just working through your inbox, or otherwise lose focus on what activities are most productive. Your solution seems entirely right and understandable.

Comment by Sharon Deloy
2009-05-18 19:03:09

I have a system for my email on gmail. I just select all, then I scroll down the list and select the ones I want to read, and I then delete the rest. I don’t read the subject line, I just know by who it is from which ones I want to read.
One of these days I will get rid of most of my email by clicking on the unsubscribe button. Right now I do not have the time to do so.

Comment by admin
2009-05-18 20:06:26

I think that’s a problem we all have, just un-subscribing can take quite a while!

Comment by Mary
2009-06-29 11:31:57

Hi Matt,
Just received your blogbooksale package. Thanks. Bonuses were fun too. Curious blog here. Come visit me at
Guess you are doing great being so busy. Keep up the good networking (that’s how I found you) Mary

Comment by Vance
2009-07-30 23:34:07

Hi Matt,
Sorry to have lost the opportunity to consult with you one on one.
But I totally understand your reasons. Time is very valuable and you need to do things the way that is most effective. Your blog is a very valuable resource and I appreciate that you didn’t forget the times you also used to get stuck with something. This is still happening to me and when I don’t know how to get unstuck I can turn to your blog.
Thanks for the help.


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