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Nothing Works

Here’s a question I received in my inbox this week….

“Please tell me, honestly, where do you get your money from? Cos I have tried everything, and nothing works. What you hiding?”

as my answer ended up being a bit long, I thought I’d share it here…

What am I hiding?

Ok [name removed], here’s the secret, but keep it too yourself…

“focus and persistence”

Yup, it’s pretty much that simple.

Find something you like doing and stick at it, don’t jump on to the next “shiny new thing” when you don’t make your first $1k in the first week!

What do I make money from?

Well, this list is probably going to make your comment “’Cos I have tried everything, and nothing works” seem a little off the mark…

Article Marketing – I’ve made as much as $2,000+ in 24 hours with just one article, but don’t expect to get that kind of result straight away, be persistent…

Keep writing new articles and testing new “markets” to find what works for you, then do more of it, then do some more!

Resource: –

Blogging – would I have bothered to set up over 50 blogs, with more in the pipeline, if this didn’t make money for me… :grin:

Resource: –

List Building – it’s a commonly held “truth” put about by “guru’s” that “the money is in the list”. I’ve more than tripled the size of my subscribers lists in the last 3-4 months and it’s had a VERY significant POSITIVE effect on my income.

So as far as I’m concerned, the “guru’s” are right on the money, the more subscribers you have the more profitable your business will be.

Resource: –

Selling Info Products – this sounds scary to most people, it was to me before I actually just got on and did it, then I discovered that it’s not that scary at all, and oh boy is it a good way of making money online.

Just find a subject that people are interested in and you can write about (if you can’t then just spend some time researching it and learn yourself first), and it doesn’t have to be in the “make money online” market, I have an ebook about playing Warcraft (because I enjoy it) that not only pays for my “warcraft” addiction, it also makes me a few bucks on top… :cool:

Resource: –
+ free software with “giveaway” rights to help build your list: –

Selling PLR Products – you don’t even have to start with your own info product, you can buy the rights to a product that someone else has written and sell it yourself, which is one heck of a shortcut!

I use this method on many of my blogs in different markets, and I’m working on a video tutorial product to show how easy it is.

Resource: –

Selling Text Links – this is one of my all time favorite methods, it’s not quick to get going with, but once you’re up and running it’s a recurring income on auto-pilot!

Resource: –

Affiliate Marketing – well this fits in with all of the above really, so start article marketing and blogging to build your subscriber list and you can start recommending related products to people on your list, just make sure you recommend stuff that you use and have tested out first yourself, so you know what you’re talking about.

Resource: – [NEW]

Selling Web sites – yup, I even buy and sell websites now and then, it’s not a huge part of my business, but it can bring in some pretty impressive profits without too much work, if you know how to….

Resource: –

The most important thing when you’re starting is not to try and do ALL of those above, at least not straight away, take the time to get good at each one and then add extra “steps” once each preceding “step” has started generating income to help pay for the next one…

Last Note: If you look at the resource links I’ve included you may well start thinking –

“Hang on Matt, most of these are going to involve me spending some money!?!”

Well yeah, Doh!

You can probably find most, if not all, of the same information just by searching on google, but it’ll be mixed in with a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t work.

The point of spending some money is to INVEST in your EDUCATION!

This will simply save you time and frustration by getting you on the right path with a system that is proven to work.

here’s a quick comparison for you – I recently became interested in Poker, Texas Holdem specifically, but I’d never played it before.

Do you think I just went out and deposited some money in a poker site and started playing…?

No Frackin Way!

I knew that would be a sure fire way of losing money, so I started doing some research to find places I could play for free to practice, AND I started researching which were the best experts (aka “guru’s”) to learn from, then I went and bought a whole bunch of books to learn how to play.

and guess what…

I’ve been playing for Real Money for less than a month, but I’m already in profit (so far :shock: )!

That’s because I see the “wisdom” (personally I’d call it good old fashioned common sense) in educating myself first…

[sidenote: anyone else see the beauty of internet marketing here? Yup, I’ve got some Poker blogs on the way already… :razz:]

If you really don’t want to invest in your education then that’s your choice, but please understand your path to a profitable internet business is going to be a LOT harder, imho.

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Comment by Petra Weiss
2009-02-02 09:48:24

Hi Matt,
great post! I have been in Internet Marketing for just under 1 1/2 years (complete and utter newbie with no technical computer knowledge whatsoever), and I have started to see just a little bit of a return in my investment. I, too, am guilty of trying to much and not sticking to one thing for long enough to really make it work. What I slowly start to see is that blogging is working for me and I am also in the process of creating my first info-product. What I would like to try is selling PLR products, and I might come back to your blog for that at a later stage, but I have to concentrate on what I am doing right now first…. “focus and persistence”! 😛

Comment by admin
2009-02-08 10:49:24

Hi Petra,
if you’re starting to see some profits coming in, concentrate on whatever is brining that first income source in, focus on building that up0, so that you can then afford to re-invest some of the profi back in to your business to automate things and increase the profits further!
although you should also take a little bit of those profits to reward yourself for the hard work and persistance you have put in so far… 😉

Comment by david
2009-02-08 12:40:03

I couldn’t agree more. When you find something that is working keep plugging away at it. Focus on that method until it is fine tuned and no longer requires the same amount of work to generate results. Then you can add another method without requiring more time. Doing it this way will keep you in control of your business instead of your business controlling you. 🙂

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Comment by Jeff
2009-02-02 13:51:42


You are so on the money with your reponse to this guys question. Persistance and perseverance are essential elements to success in the IM industry. As you point out, too many people simply jump from one program or product to the next in pursuit of instant wealth that never happens, because they have swallowed the lie that they can click their mouse, push a couple of buttons and have cash spewing out of their computer without having to do any WORK. The work is not physically strenuous, but there is still work to be done.

There is no magic pill or button to create instant success… if there were, nobody would ever sell it for $47, $97, or even $997. Something like that would be priceless. Unfortunately, I have found that the only difference between priceless and worthless is symantics, and far too many people are buying into the worthless notions being peddled by unscrupulous marketers simply looking to make a quick buck.

You make an excellent point, and provide excellent resources for anybody willing to “invest in their education”, and put in the work necessary to succeed.

Thank you

Comment by Alex Newell
2009-02-07 09:48:20

Internet marketing is such a new profession that most people do not realise that it is a profession at all. The characteristic of all professions is the steep learning curve before you get anywhere near the earning curve.

You have to pick a business model that suits you and then work like crazy at it.



Comment by Lorrie
2009-02-07 10:08:52


Great Blog. You are right without educating your self to some degree, you will never be able to really do anything in life. That is the problem in our world today, everyone wants or feels that everything should be handed to them on a gold platter. What happened to the old days when you wanted to learn so you could excel and make a better life.


Comment by Steve
2009-02-07 10:26:25

There’s no doupt…
Jumping from one program to the next is so easy to do when starting out…
I have to catch myself, and stop at times… Always looking for an easier way, it must be human nature… Especially when you subscribe to whoever, then later there emailing you the next big product that’s made them $100’s or $1000 with no effort… Finding out there nothing more than an affiliate to the product, and simply copying and pasting the same email as Joe Blow to sell the product…

Who do you trust? I’m not asking for much, just a little extra income to help me thru the rough times, just like probably so many…

Comtemplating a new blog called; The Memroirs Of The Struggling Internet Marketer… lol

Comment by admin
2009-02-08 10:56:42

Hi Steve,
yup, it is human nature, I still do it myself and I’m a full time online marketer.
I could make more money than I do if I could focus a little more myself, it’s not just a problem for “newbies”…
so have you got that new blog set up yet?

Comment by Steve
2009-02-08 11:44:14

Maybe with a little help called time and money… Mostly time…
Oh well, it doesn’t really matter… I’m here to stay…
Not as much persistance as it is stubborness…
I just won’t quit till I get it figured out… Besides, what else is there to look forward to… A j.o.b. Yea right!

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Comment by Alessandro
2009-02-07 10:43:08

Matt, that’s absolutely the best answer I’ve ever eard !
I hope that the boy or girl that written to you have catched the reality, because without perseverance you can’t go forward in any step of life.
Also I years ago I was tempted to leave, but it’s important to focalize only on the thing that are you working on.
Leave all the other projects apart !
And launch your first finished and ready to go website, book, project or what you want, follow it day by day and never be tired to add new content : that’s the objective of every online business, don’t leave without trying.
Goodbye by ALessandro

Comment by Edna Melendez
2009-02-07 11:01:33

Hi Matt,

Great info and resources. And Yes focus on one thing at a time…if you don’t you will lose a lot of money and waste your precious time.
Don’t give up, take the time to educate yourself and take action. One day at a time…

God Bless!

Comment by Michael Burton
2009-02-07 11:17:36

Hi Matt,

Starting a online business is just like starting a brick and motar business,when it comes to being persistance, you have to stay in the game and learn the business.
It will not happen overnight.

Jeff, you are so right on he money with your response, there are NO magic pill or button to success. People are just not illing to put in the time and effort to grow a solid foundation to build a business.

Matt, you have given some great resources for this person to begin building a business.If they will take these resources and apply the steps, they will begin to see the money come in.

I have follwed you and have used many of your tips to help build my business.
Thanks again for all of your help.

Michael Burton

Comment by Patnala Sudhakar
2009-02-07 12:27:31

Hi Matt,
I just wonder,about how every one comes up with a scheme that can earn 1k,10K and so on and no body speaks about earning $2 and $3.

Why can’t they promote some thing which gives a couple of dollars quickly for newbies to survive,grow and can afford to undergo training of gurus with out jumping from one program to another.

With regqrds.

Comment by admin
2009-02-07 17:14:22

Hi Sudhakar,
Article Marketing is exactly that, it allows you to start with minimum investment by simply writing your own articles and submitting them.
however, you should understand that the amount of effort it will take to earn just $2-3 is pretty much the same as it will take to earn $20-30, or even $200-300, so why not start by aiming a “little” higher, you might find the results surpsie you…

Comment by Andrew Larder
2009-02-07 13:13:39

Matt – love this post!

It’s funny, because I’ve made money in a variety of methods, in different markets – there is no magic pill

What’s very cool tho, is many things DO work

And its possible for each person to find an area he likes, find a method he enjoys doing, and use a atactic that works – and repeat it.

If you like writing, write articles, write ebooks, write newsletters

If you like twiddling with computer code, go into software, create widgets, get really into SEO

If you’re attractive and love being in front of the camera, make video blogs, make a calendar, do personal appearances

There are a hundred? thousand? million? different ways to make money online.

Bill Gates is doing it in a different manner than Google, than Amazon, than Ebay, than Twitter

The one thing I love the best is to say DON’T follow the crowd – especially to follow the crowd at a distance – ie, if the method, idea, opportunity has been around for a while, with lots of people doing it – move on – that field has been plowed – article marketing could be the ONE exception to that – because it takes actual work, the get rich fast crowd shies away from it.

Stuff that worked well six months ago has been banned – and you need to either look for the newest hot thing, or strike out on your own.

Comment by admin
2009-02-08 10:59:54

Great reply Andrew, thanks!

Comment by Michelle Jayes
2009-02-07 15:28:06

Hi Matt
I agree completely with your advice to stick to one thing until you get good at it before trying to learn the next one. Try too much at once and all that happens is you become overwhelmed and nothing is achieved. It is a matter of setting a plan and then focusing on it and following it through without getting distracted.

Michelle Jayes

Comment by HP van Duuren
2009-02-07 16:09:47

Thanks for the useful suggestions,

Especially ‘Focus & Persistance’ is something that is a useful Tip
Something that was difficult for me when I started my Online Business (still is)

My first ‘Blogspot’ was one big ‘Variety’ of EVERYTHING!
Nowaday’s I have several – more Focused – ‘Theme Specific’ Blogspots.
For example one about ‘Home Based – Online – Business’, for people reading this, when you want to INVEST in your Education you can find a link to some really interesting ‘Case Studies’ for Internet Marketing Success.

All the Best,
To your Happy – Internet Marketing – Inspiration,

Comment by Jeff
2009-02-07 18:42:45

Matt & @ Michelle,

Trying to do too much at once sounds too much like multi-tasking, a skill prized by employers these days it seems. I have always thought that muti-tasking was the best way to get nothing done quickly… How much energy and focus is lost in the process of moving from task to task, and at best it will take just as long to get everything done as if you completed them one at a time. This proves to be especially true online. Things have to happen in a certain order, i.e., you have to researchg your keywords before you can think about SEO or article writing, to make sure that both achieve maximum effectiveness. I am glad to see your post has been so meaningful to so many Matt. Good job.

Comment by admin
2009-02-08 10:38:39

Hi Michelle.
I agree, “multi tasking” is one of those things that cause more lost time than people realise.
I personally find that I get far more work done wehn I concentrate on one thing at a time.

2009-02-08 10:08:55

Can only emphasise what’s been said with an example – we dabbled for ages and guess what. Dabbling doesn’t work. Then we stuck with an idea – Two Cook For Two.
Following Matt’s example we prepared resources to give away, built up a lot of anticipation about a product launch, gave, gave and gave more value. Maybe the most important thing we learned was to make it easy for people to follow us – a special twitter account and a resources page on the website.
The toughest thing is learning that the magic wand doesn’t really exist – but when you’re passionate, work feels like magic!

Comment by Clive Praed
2009-02-08 11:38:46

Hi Matt,
I think you forgot to mention the most vital ingredient “luck” – and please, none of that rubbish about making your own luck – if that were possible everyone would be winning the lottery.
I persist, but in 4 years have not sold an affiliate item, have listed dozens of PLR products without a sale, built a list that has never bought anything and now have 2 blogs that get quite a lot of visitors, 10 -20 a day, but have no signups, comments or sales.
I also write my own products (that other marketers say are good) but never make a sale of any of them.
Sure – I agree all these things work – I can’t speak for Text Link Marketing as I have no idea how you would sell someone a link – I suppose there’s one born every minute – lol, and “selling websites” seems to me a millionaires game.
I have no idea where you’d buy one. But then I’m a newbie, as well as an idiot.
As I say, all these things work – but only if you were born lucky.

Your advice is still almost the only advice I value – but without luck it won’t produce any money.

Comment by admin
2009-02-08 13:02:07

Hi Clive,
the best definition of “Luck” that I’ve ever come across is –
“luck is when opportunity meets preparation”
or something similar to that, although I have no idea where I read or heard it.
I see it as you create your own luck by being prepared to take advantage of an opportunity that preents itself.
imho “unlucky” people spend too much time looking backwards worrying about “opportunites” they missed, instead of looking forwards to new opportunities that come all the while.
it is the difference between a positive state of mind and a negative state of mind.
If you think back to when we started chatting some months ago Clive, you may remember you didn’t think it would ever be possible for you to get a blog set up and start getting visitors to it, and yet now you have achieved eactly that, so you are starting to see some success in your journey.
now is the time to grasp that success, focus on it and see it as the major positive step forward that you have made happen.
It’s not luck, it’s because you took the time to learn what you needed to know to make it happen, and then you put in the effort to make it real!
now keep at it and stop worrying about what you haven’t achieved, yet… 😉
oh, and Clive, we’ve shared many emails, I know your not an idiot, you are simply still learning, like all of us, we’re just at different places on the journey, the trick is to seek out the knowledge you need and keep moving forward.
Stop worrying about “luck” and ust get on with it! 😉

Comment by Clive Praed
2009-02-08 13:55:26

Hi Matt,
Guess you’re right.
My IM blog gets virtually no visitors – which doesn’t surprise me – I’ve not sold an IM product in over 4 years, so I really can’t see that anyone is interested in IM, but my other blog, which I won’t mention in public because I’m embarrassed 😳 gets quite a lot.
About 10 – 20 new twitter followers a day but no blog signups. Partially due to the fact that I’ll never be able to make a popup. LOL
The trouble with this one is that it’s an “automated” blog and all the posts on it have other people’s affiliate links.
Oh well, can’t have everything – as long as somebody is making a quid. LOL
I was going to set up quite a few of these but now I don’t see the point if I am only working to make money for other people.
I have no Adsense as, although I have the plugin, the instructions make no sense at all.
That doesn’t worry me, though, as Adsense only brings in about $3 a year so it’s no great loss.
I have finished a new e-Book but, if like my last one, it has 9,000 uniques and zero sales I hardly see the point in setting up a site for it. LOL
I’m not paying anyone for a sales page and graphics because there’s no hope of making enough sales to pay for them.
Just plod along, the same old way, I guess and hope for some good luck! :roll:
See ya, and thanks for all the good advice.

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Comment by admin
2009-02-08 14:36:02

Hi Clive,
well, I gotta say in my experience there’s actually “quite a lot” of people interested in “IM”, but it can be more difficult to get the traffic, although not impossible, it just takes more time to do as you need more backlinks to your site from other sites to rank well in the search engines for the more competetive “IM” keywords.
Don’t worry about your “auto” blog using other people’s articles, if you’ve found a market that it’s getting traffic without you having to get many backlinks to the site you could be on to a winner.
to “monetize” it write a “top 10 tips” style report (just research the subject on or somewhere similar for the info) and then start giving that away for free to get people to optin to your list.
then you can start reviewing and promoting other products for them…
If your first ebook site has had 9.000 unique visitors and now sales it sounds like the sale page/process probably needs some work, but copywriting can be a difficult skill to learn and expensive to get done for you, so how about this for an alternative idea – give the book away for FREE to get people to sign up to your list, and then follow up with similar offers from affiliate programs..
just a thought. 🙂

Comment by Gus
2009-06-12 08:44:40

Hi Clive: I was reading your comment to Matt. Hey man I am in the same boat as you. Never,Never give up. I feel like I’am am going nowhere fast as well but I will keep on plugging away. I’am another newbee with little tech. experience.

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Comment by Jeanne Caccia-Silva
2009-02-08 11:58:47

The one aspect of getting positive results from Internet marketing and the thing I always had trouble with is focus…focus…focus.

About 2 months ago I decided to start a new blog focusing on my passion of health and nutrition and focus solely on that for at least 6 months. With the help of my husband we have been working hard at providing quality content and then making sure to do what we can to let the Internet world know.

Positive results have recently starting showing with new subscribers joining my list and some promising relationships starting to grow with others in my field.

It is very easy to become distracted by the next great idea but I am now convinced that finding something you enjoy and focusing on it is the long term way to success.

All the best,

Comment by Mike Maggs
2009-02-08 11:59:58

Hello Matt,

I just finished your blog entry. You’ve been very helpful with questions I’ve had concerning my blog. Might I suggest 😆 that you sign up for my newsletter. When you sign up I’ll send you an Ebook titled “Super Strategies to Texas Holdem Poker”

Good Luck at the Tables

Comment by admin
2009-02-08 13:05:01

Mike, I signed up for your newsletter ages ago when we first shared a few emails, and yes, I have fouind it useful, thanks. 🙂

2009-02-08 12:19:23

There have been days when I just wondered about my choices but then I hang in there and get rewarded with a sale or a contact. I have learned that sometimes I use the time between successes to educate and explore. This can certainly mess with your mind when you see the multitude of possibilities–it gives me overload. Then I focus back on current methods already working for me. I sell physical products but learning how to write an ebook or use PLR material or video marketing suddenly opens up more options for my product site.

Adaptation can be the key to using everything you learn and applying it to ONE method at a time, getting good at each for that ONE method or market until you are confident enough to use your skills in other markets or income formats. Biggest problem everyone has in the beginning is to “make a decision/choice”. With all the options you have, just pick one–work it with persistence. If it doesn’t work for you, choose something else. It’s just like dating. You probably won’t marry the very first person you go out with. The odds in internet marketing are far greater and probably a lot less complicated. Just focus — on SOMEthing and give it your all. It certainly looks like it works for a large number of people. But just like any endeavor, this is not for everybody. Some will make it work, some won’t, some can some can’t. I can’t fly an airplane, not my thing, but if I really wanted or needed to, I probably could learn. You may be good at something other than internet marketing–decide for yourself if that needs to be revisited or if you are just “dabbling” in this and exploring for answers.
Hats off to you for trying and especially for venting your frustration. At least you demand answers—we all benefited from them today.

Comment by david
2009-02-08 12:56:47

Focus and persistence, focus and persistence followed by focus and persistence. The three words that can make or break you in Internet Marketing. Without them you are wasting money and spinning your wheels. With them, in time, you will see results.That is, if you start with the basics. The methods that have always worked and will continue to work over time.
You need to start slow and build your foundation. I myself have just started my first blog. It isn’t massive or flashy. I am still using the default theme from WP. I did start to add a couple of plug ins.
Like building a business, one step at a time. Each time I write a post I think no one will want to read because it is so basic and generic. Then I remember that until someone told me these basics I didn’t even have a site built.
So I write basics to help see the necessity of building a foundation first. One step at a time. 😉

Comment by Tolemac
2009-02-08 13:17:14

I agree with the idea of persistance, focus and going for one area first, instead of being all over the board. I finally did that myself by letting go of the various “projects” I had going and stuck with my passion for the metaphysical/spirituality niche and it’s starting to pay off. Not just in monies either, but in great contacts and new friends as well.

I see this part of it as being just as important as the need to market it properly. With new contacts and new friends, comes new opportunities and possibilities. 😀

Thanks for the blog, Matt. It’s much appreciated.

Ross – “Tolemac”

Comment by James
2009-02-08 14:25:55

Thanks Matt.

I’m a “newbie” to actually taking action; although, I’ve studied IM for a few years. I’ve been so busy with my residential building business that I didn’t seem to have to do really take action on IM – although I knew I wanted to. Since October of 2008, I’ve had NOTHING going on with residential building, so I’ve had time to actually take action. I’ve been guilty of spending a lot of money on different “programs” and “software” but not really making progress on getting anything going on. I’ve got a web site up and I’m building more now, but I need to choose an area or two to focus on, so that I can get busy in that area. I’m certain that I can make a go of this – just gotta find my niche (pardon the IM term, but it applies here).

Keep posting good stuff. Thanks again.

Comment by Jeff
2009-02-08 16:05:59


Wow, this has really taken off since two days ago. I’d definately say you hit a nerve.

Clive, you sound pretty defeated by the whole IM thing. I’d say Matt has the right idea… if you are getting that kind if traffic to your last report – definately take advantage of it by capturing those visitors names and e-mail addresses.

Generating traffic and building a list have got to be the two biggest challenges any of us face. Matt is right that writing sales copy is an art unto itself. Best advise I can give is to make a study of how others are doing it. Study the sales pages that make You want to purchase a product, and analyze the construction, layout, word usage, tone, meter, and flow of the letter and use these as eamples to follow, not plagerizing by directly copying, but rather using them as inspiration.

For basic page construction, there are some pretty good sales page temples available for free as PLR products. I have a bunch on my hard drive, as I am sure most of us do. Coy writing is an essential skill that you are going to have to invest the time to learn, or the money to have done. To be successful in IM, there’s no way of getting around this. One of the advantages of affiliate products is that somebody else has already spent the time or money to write the sales letter. Many will even include copy for the emails you send your list. Capitalize on the traffic you are getting by selling them other peoples stuff.

Comment by Dennis
2009-02-08 16:34:46

Thanks Matt,

As always you’re right on target you have to focus and master one aspect of IM before you try another. Two months ago I ceratinly did not know how to build a website, blog or anything. With persistance and alot of your info my health and nutrition blog now gets 2500 visitors a month and growing.


Comment by Helene
2009-02-08 23:41:48

Thanks for the great pointers on internet marketing and the need to educate yourself.

Comment by Jonathan Lake
2009-02-09 03:18:31

Hi Matt,
Great post. Tons of great info.
I started in the IM arena in late August 2008 when I was made redundant. I have been striving away since – full time. It took a long time for me to realise that this was not going to be easy (otherwise everyone would be doing it right?!) and now every new subscriber I get I cherish as if they were my first. I am getting am average of 3 new subscribers a day (out of small acorns do big oak trees grow!!!) and a few sales.
I believe the hardest thing to adjust to is keeping the focus and persistence, as a lot of people come into this arena for a quick fix. As you well know, it just isn’t like that – not if you value it as a proper Business anyway.
Well, enough from me! Thanks again for the post (fellow UK marketer!) Keep the good stuff coming mate


Comment by Vanda
2009-02-09 05:32:26

Hi Matt
We met last year at a IM Seminar and like many I have been jumping from one thing to the next since then till I forced myself to be focused. 😆
You have Great content on this blog and a lot of people following you.
The topic is hot and a lot of comments and questions. Mostly ones I find myself making time and again. 😐
I have been working full time on IM since mid December with a product -Internet Marketing educational product to sell which came with all the bells Videos tutorials web pages all in a “Box” (web site actually) and one Rule market yourself and the product will sell –get your name out there and build relationships. 🙂
This I am working on and I am slowly building a list through the signups on my self built web sales page with Aweber sign in form -so that I am not unhappy with though it is slow 🙁
My problem right now is my blog that I have had for months just has no traffic.
The blogs I post are about my experiances entering IM -posting ads etc.
Looking at your blog I can see I need to spend some more time building content and refering people to stuff and links that they may be able to use.
I have found working alone very trying as I am a people person what I have seen is that I need to trust people on the internet and start writing and connecting more rather than surfing the WEB I guess using my twitter would also be good. My blogspot if you would like to hop over is healthwealthhappinesscreators any comments would be welcomed. 😀

Comment by Des Thomas
2009-02-09 07:35:40


I am another one of those people who is guilty of straying.I am at present being “Mentored” by Alex Jeffreys . I have a blog but need to do a lot more work on it and to get a plan to decide in which direction I am going.It is hard to stay focused when so many tempting offers come through your Inbox. You are always looking for that one magic product that will start you earning instantly. I know that that is impossible and you only get to earn by hard work and gaining peoples respect and trust for your work. That pea sized object called a brain just shuts down when I think of focusing and I stray to e-mail or the next product thats going to make me a million. Ahhh I hate it but now I have to get focused and work . I would love to Blog as I enjoy writing so maybe try a first article . I am also a “technicaly challenged Newbie” but thanks to some nice guys at a great blogging site I am overcoming any problems and learning. Your videos taught me a lot and I have used them as a reference and pointed other people to your site to learn from them as well. Keep Up The Good work . I always check back to see what you are up to and just printed out the above page to keep for reference .
thanks Matt for all the great info very greatfull there’s blogs like yours to help us “newbies ” out


Comment by Luca
2009-02-09 10:02:13

Thanks for sharing your answer with us Matt. Yes it all boils down to Focus and Persistance but it’s also pmportatn to educate yourself. The list of ways you make money is quite a list and I’m sure it has taken you time to build.
I’ve recently wanted to give up as well but I can see that there is great potential so I’ll stick it out.
I did have some success with article marketing so I’ll focus on that for a while.
Matt can you tell me if you use a paid Article submission service?


Comment by admin
2009-02-09 10:55:53

Hi Luca,
I tend to ust use (for the backlinks as well) and then manually submit unique versions to a couple of top directories like, as most of the articles I write go straight on my blogs anyway.
but the best submission service that I used to use is here: –

Comment by Clive Praed
2009-02-09 10:34:53

Hi Jeff,
No, I’m not defeated – I had no expectations from the start. Everyone laughed at me from day one.
I thought of capturing emails by giving the book away for emails but I’ve found that those who’ve signed up for a freebie have no intention of ever buying anything.
Apart from that, it took me six months VERY hard work to write and it WILL save people money.
Maybe I should just write some IM hype and sell for $97. LOL Everyone else is making a fortune this way.
I’ve never bought a single IM product that’s made me a cent.
I have sales page templates – I’ll have to see if I can use them.
I’m pretty useless when it comes to techie stuff.
As Matt knows, after more than 4 years I still can’t make a popup. LOL
I agree with you on the sales page being one of the advantages of affiliate products but a disadvantage is that nobody ever seems to buy them.
After no affiliate sales in 52 months I am waking up to the the fact that affiliate links are as much use as a one-legged man in an ar*e kicking contest.
The traffic I get buys nothing. As I am here and they are “there” there’s no way to ‘sell’ them anything, I must just hope they buy. lol. And they don’t.
Have fun

Comment by admin
2009-02-09 12:00:04

Hi Clive,
well, my reply to your comment above got a bit too long for just a “comment”, so you’ve now got a whole post dedicated to you! 😉
check it out –

Comment by Stan Pontiere
2009-02-09 13:53:39

No matter what you do, make sure that you pick a niche that you love. Most people jump right on the sell bizops train expecting to make a fortune. Unless you really love this, you will likely be out of business real quick. Pick a niche that you love to do (I’m in the self fulfillment/success niche) I have studied and practices this material for nearly 40 years. Do what you love and love what you do and success is a given. If you love your niche, you will gladly put in the study necessary and want to share this with your readers. They will come to respect your expertise and when it comes time to buy, they will come to the person they trust.

Comment by bob rettman
2009-02-09 15:22:44

Mr. Matt, it makes us very nervous when people begin to speak of hiding things. I want you to remember when you were in Haiti and blew the Lambi to call in the Mama Loa the most powerful of the Ghedes. You made a blood oath to her astral presence and at that time you wanted to be blessed by the Oracle. I believe you asked for, and received, the blessing of riches from the Mama Loa, the most powerful, but allow me to remind you that if you betray the blood oath of secrecy, your blessing will not only terminate immediately but there will be repercussions that you will suffer. Consider this your only warning! DO NOT SPEAK to this reader or any other of VooDoo, Oaths or riches. Mama Loa, the most powerful of the Ghedes will sign off now.

Comment by admin
2009-02-09 19:17:55

Hi Bob,
think you may have me mixed up with the “voodoo Matt”…
remember my credo is “In Vino Veritas”!
In other words I drink the Vino so I’m happy to tell the truth, as I see it at least…

Comment by cynrab
2009-02-24 03:20:20

Internet marketing is very confusing and internet is very informative. You clik clik clik and at the end of the day, you wonder mmmm what have I accomplised… NOTHING…
so like what Matt says stay focus on things you like to do and be persistent. I started a blog on my hobby which is about puppies. I love puppies and I collect lots of pictures and funny videos as well as education information about dogs and I put them all on my blog. 🙂
After doing some survey on the net, you be suprised there are dogs that can do maths and there ‘s also the smallest dog and the largest dog on earth.

Comment by Michael Podgoetsky
2009-05-05 19:40:16

Matt have you got any idea where I could get cool WP blogs. Not the standard that you donwload from something nice?

Comment by admin
2009-05-05 20:04:51

Hi Michael,
well, I had my own designed for me, you can check them out here: –
other than that it’s a question of doing a search in google, you’ll find there are a lot of WP theme directories out there, so it’s a pretty wide choice!

Comment by Gary Marsden
2009-07-25 01:48:02

Great site. Seems to be dead on. I have also been guilty of the “lack of focus” disease as I tend to jump on the latest thing to make a quick buck. It never works BTW so you would think I would have learned my lesson by now. Reading the similiar plight of others helps mentally. Makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one. I appreciate this site and intend to spend more time here.

Comment by pierre
2009-09-07 15:23:23

great stuff my man thanks a lot..


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