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OK, first up, apologies for not posting much recently!

Life’s a little hectic, although since I became a full time “internet marketer” (I stil have problems explaining that one to friends and family) it seems like I have less free time than when I had a “proper job” (as friends and fanily call working for a fixed income), at least I enjoy what I do now a lot more and don’t have to listen to what someone else (“da boss”) thinks is the right way to do things…

the good news is that the reason I’m so busy is I’ve been working on a few WP bits for you, with the help of a couple of very talented coders (programmers).

the first is a couple of new WordPress Themes that I’m having designed for my own blogs that will of course be free to you as well.

you can see an example of one of the themes on one of my test blogs here:

the stripes are optional, I’ll be doing a video on how to change the color of the stripes or get rid of them entirely. The header graphic is also customizable (another video for that, although it’s easy as it’s a feature built in to the theme) and I’m going to see if I can put together a cheap package of PLR header graphics for you to choose from to customize your blogs.

this is also the reason I haven’t finished the BlogTactics Guide Part 2, as I’m going to use these new themes to base the tutorial videos on, so as soon as they’re finished I can crack on with those.

The new videos will include stuff like configuring your blog for the best traffic/seo results, what plugins to use and how to get the most from them, how to add your blog to tehcnorati, mybloglog and other useful sites that you should be using, as well as how to add the “widgets” from these sites to your blogs, oh, and some cool stuff like shoutboxes (like the one I’ve added to

the second big WP bit that I’ve got in development is a custom plugin. I’m not going to say much about it yet as it’s still in testing, but I came up with the idea for it simply because it’s something that will make my life easier and increase my online income, so I will be making it available to you, but it won’t be free, sorry, but I need to pay for the cost of having it coded, which has been going on for the last 6 weeks already, and I’ve got a VERY experienced coder working on it.

It’s taken a while, partly because I keep adding bits to it that I want done, and partly because I wanted to make sure it’s a piece of cake to use, I am known as “that Lazy Git” after all…

I’ve also been spending more time checking out other peoples blogs to see what the “big” players are doing and using to monetize thier blogs. I tend to test stuff out before I post my opinions about it, just my way of minimizing getting “pie” on my face by recommending something that turns out to suck, although it’s not guaranteed, I still make mistakes…

If you want to keep up with what I’m currently testing out just check out my “testing” blog:

On a seperate note, as I spend so much time checking out other peoples blogs, as well as reading a LOT of newsletters each day, I’m planning on changing my old, and way out of date, site in to a blog that is just a place for me to mention the best stuff I see each day.

Don’t bother going there yet, I’ve not done it, this mention is just my way of making sure I have to get on and do it now…

but I will mention a blog post that I read tonight that I think is well worth taking the time to visit, I even took the time to read all the replies!

It’s Andrew Hansen’s blog and you can check out the post here:
Goals for 2008 

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