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I spotted Neil doing a test post on his blog earlier tonight and hung around to find out what he was up to..</p>

turns out Neil’s been playing with podcasting and has decided to have a bit of fun by running a competition for the weekend, and there’s $50 on offer as the prize!

all you need to do is pop over to Neil’s internet marketing blog and play the two audio files, to see if you work out who the internet marketer is on the audios…

As Neil’s managed to get audio up and running on his blog, I thought ‘d better do the same and it’s not actually that difficult, so I’ll see if I can get a video done showing you just how you can add podcasting to your site, which I’ll try and get posted for you before the end of the weekend.

In the meantime, just to prove that I have got it working, here’s an audio podcast about Neil’s comp: –

Good luck on winning the $50! :cool:

p.s. the discount offer for the Mass Control Revealed interview with Fank Kern will finish as soon as I start work tomorrow, so if you want to grab your copy for just $7 you’d better hurry:

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