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well that was a fun hour or so!</p>

This blog,, was down for a while earlier today, apparently the server it’s hosted on was under some form of attack and it took the host company a while to get it sorted out and back up and running.

They’re a good hosting company who I’ve used for almost two years without any previous problems, so it was reassuring to see that they were able to sort out the problem reasonably quickly.

But when I came back to the blog after being told it was back up and running I found the standard WordPress install screen..

It took me a bit of digging to find out what the problem was, the WP_Options table in MySQL was “crashed” and needed to be repaired, not something I’ve had to do before…

So it then took a few quick skype conversations with a couple of friends to work out what might fix the problem, 10 minutes later and it’s back up and running!

 Phew! :grin:

I’ll be doing a video to show exactly how I fixed the problem just in case you ever experience the same thing, I’ll get the video posted asap..

In the mean time, please accept my apologies for the temporary interuption to service..

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