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My mum’s blog got hacked

My mum’s blog got hacked…

Most website owners have no idea that their site has been hacked until it’s actually too late…

Watch the video to see how my mum’s blog was hacked ~> BlogDefender

The first you know could be when you receive an email from your web host that your account has been suspended, or worse yet, closed down entirely!

BUT it could be even worse than that…

If your site has been hacked for a while and you’ve not noticed, Google probably has, and they will have dropped it out of the SERPS!

AND yet even that’s not as bad as it can get…

If you’re site has been used for a “phishing” attack to gather other people’s online banking or PayPal login info (one of the more common exploits) then you could be about to get a call from the real world authorities, the Police!

Sounds pretty scary right?

Yup, it is, so you need to lock down your site right now!

The good news is it’s really pretty simple to do, once you know how…

This new set of easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials show exactly how you can quickly lock down your WP blog to protect from 99%+ of hacks.

The guys behind these video have over a decade of experience (I know that for a fact, as I’m one of them) in running hundreds of high traffic blogs, blogs that are often attacked, but no longer hacked…

here’s the link ~> BlogDefender

P.S. If you provide SEO or website services to clients you can even use this process to offer a high value service to your clients…

There’s a checklist included to help you lock down your clients sites for them!

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