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I recently did an interview for Codrut Turcanu and one of the question he asked me was who are my favorite bloggers to follow, so I though I’d post a copy of my reply here. You can grab a copy of the full interview from Codrut’s blog here Remarkable Blogging, although he may not have added it yet.

So who are my favorite bloggers to follow?

I actually “keep an eye” on 40+ blogs, and I’d consider all of them worth reading, but there are some obvious names that stand out from the crowd, like (in no particular order): –

Chris Garrett (no relation), who is a fellow Brit and a real savvy blogger

Darren Rowse, who is another one of the worlds top bloggers and shares some very useful info and tips

Yaro Starak, another top blogger who understands exactly how to make the most from his blog

Neil Shearing, who’s a fellow Brit internet marketer who is one of the most respected names in the “internet marketing” industry, with good reason

Jonathon Leger, another internet marketer who is an absolute star at SEO stuff and tests everything before publishing his results, he doesn’t post very often, but when he does it’s well worth taking the time to read what he’s written

Dan McGonagle, simply because he’s a mate and we bang a lot of ideas of each other, so I gotta keep an eye on what he’s up to

Soren Jordansen, who’s another mate and a whiz at Traffic Exchanges, he even runs his own, so I like to keep an eye on what he’s up to

Andrew Hansen, another top “IM’er” who’s main business comes from blogs, so has some excellent tips and info.

Alvin Phang, watching what Alvin’s achieved over the last 18 months has been very impressive and I’ve picked up some useful stuff from him

ShoeMoney and UberAffiliate, as they’re another two of the worlds top bloggers and I usually find something worth the time when I visit their sites

Reed Floren‘s another IM guy who’s only recently set up his own blog, but he’s well worth keeping an eye on as he’s known as one of the best JV guys in the game.

OK, this is the last two I’m going to mention, otherwise this list is going to get toooo loooong!

John chow is another top blogger with over 32,000 subscribers on hiw RSS, but the bulk of his income comes from affiliate marketing, so he really does know his stuff

& DoshDosh who has a sharp and clear style of writing that I find kind of refrshing

I’m sure I’m going to get in to trouble for missing some people, but the list could go on and on….

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