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My Favorite Blog Tools

I thought I’d share some of the best Blog tools I use today.

the first is to aitomate the whole process of getting traffic from Web 2.0 Social bookmarking sites and it works like a charm.

I set this set up on a dozen of my blogs a couple of weeks ago to test it out and it’s made a real difference to the traffic to ALL of those blogs.

the increase in traffic varies from just 40 or 50 extra visitors a day on average, to several hundred on some blogs, and after setting this plugin up I don’t have to touch it again, it just works on auto pilot everytime a new post is made to one of my blogs!

if you want to be able to get fresh new traffic to your blogs from Web 2.0 sites, but don’t want to spend all that time visiting each social bookmark site then check this one out:

Auto Social Bookmarking Plugin


second is an update on one of my long standing favorite tools.

It’s called WPManagerDX2 and it’s a tool for automatically installing and configuring WordPress Blogs.

It will even install your favorite plugins and themes for you.
It comes with some themes and plugins built in, but it’s dead easy to add more.

I’ve done a video on how to use this tool so you can see it in action, check it out here:

Blog installation tool

and it’s also being offered at a discount right now, so if you need to automate the installtion of your blogs, grab a copy here:


N.B. you don not need WPManagerDX2 if you have your blog(s) up and running and aren’t intending to insatll more, it is only useful for installing new blogs.


third is another update, one of my favorite linking tools (3 Way BackLinks) has now bee updated to work with wordpress blogs more easily, making it a LOT simpler to integrate this wicked linking system with you blogs.

this linking system can get up to 200 new backlinks for your sites, and it can be used for up to 20 sites, with the 200 links being for EACH site!!

check out the system here:
3 Way BackLinks

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Comment by gallus
2008-01-24 15:26:38

hi great blob. The link to buy the blog autoposter does not seem to be working.I don’t think it is me.
thanks again

Comment by admin
2008-01-24 19:51:29

Hi Gallus,

you’re right, looks like they’re doing some server admin and will be down until Sunday…

thanks for the heads up!


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