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Moving Your Blog

As I’ve been moving some of my old sites and blogs to a new web host (as mentioned in my Cheap Reseller Web hosting Post) I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a tutorial video showing how to move your wordpress blog by backing it up using the WP Backup Plugin and restoring it on to a new host using the MySQL PHPMyAdmin facility in cPanel.

It’s not actually as difficult as that may make it sound. If you’re a newbie or technophobe when it comes to using the cPanel hosting fetures it may sound a bit scary, but this video shows that it’s really just a case of clicking on the right links in cpanel and then browsing to the saved backup file on your hard disk to import the whole thing and get your blog back up and running on the new host.

here’s the link for the WP DB Backup plugin:

The video is a bit long, over 10 mins in total, as I also go through using the plugin to save the backup, as well as changing the nameservers to move your blog/domain to the new hosting plan.

One word of warning though, on a couple of the blogs I’ve used this process with, I’ve lost some of the blog categories on the restore process, so many of the posts are no longer in a “Category”.

If you’ve got a big blog quite a while to manually edit all those old posts to put them back in to the relevant category.

If any one else has come across this and has a way of avoiding it I’d be happy to hear it..

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Comment by Anna
2009-03-08 21:00:44

Hi, I was referred to this video as I want to change my blog to a new domain name. The video is excellent but it seems to get cut off in the middle. 😥 Am I missing something? Is there another video, or is something wrong?

Comment by admin
2009-03-08 21:23:49

Hi Anna,
I’m guessing Nathan Naderson mentioend the video in his answer for you, I’ll have to thank him. 🙂
all my videos are hosted on so you can always go there and do a search if any aren’t playing correctly.
this one is at –

Comment by Anna
2009-03-08 21:09:11

Hi, I just left a comment as the video was cut off in the middle. But I found a complete version of the video now, its at

Thank you! Its perfect. Exactly what I needed!! (I came here from EasilyAnswered)

Comment by admin
2009-03-08 21:28:29

Hi Anna,
I actually use a system ( ) to submit my videos to a whole bunch of video sites, so they do tend to show up all over the place, which is cool.
glad you found a working one!

Comment by Anna
2009-03-09 00:04:20

Hi – yes, but I was referring to the video that you have embedded on your blog. It cuts off at 4 minutes and something. 😕

And yes, on EasilyAnswered it was Nathan.

You have a great blog here, full of good resources and tutorials – I will remember it for the future (and for friends/clients).

I also have Video Post Robot, as I get it for free due to being a member of Traffic Kahuna 🙂 Though I have considered using a syndication service, when I get more active on video. Because I live in the forest with a satellite connection that has notoriously slow uploads! :roll: So one upload per video might be a good option. 😛

Thanks again!


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