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Keyword Winner

Keyword Winner Plugin
Sometimes a tool comes along that you just know immediately you will use over and over again, providing it works of course…

The WordPress plugin “Keyword Winner” is one of those and it DOES work!

I’ve already tested it out on several of my niche blogs, and seen very good results from it, and I will probably end up installing this on ALL of my blogs, it’s that good!

What exactly does it do..?

Well, rather than try and explain, I decided to create a video showing you exactly how it works, here’s the video: –

Grab Keyword Winner Here:

There is a demo video on the sales page here as well: – Keyword Winner Plugin

Just in case you can’t watch the video for some reason, here’s a summary of what it does for you…

Whenever you make a blog post you should really be doing keyword research for the blog post to choose the best keywords to target for both the post title and for the post tags.

If you choose the right ones you will rank well in Google and get lots more free traffic.

The problem, obviously, is who has time to do all that when you need to get a post done..?

So having a plugin that will do the keyword research for you, right then and there, as you are making the post, that would be pretty Sweeeet, right?!?

YUP, that’s what this thing does, and that’s why I’m so excited to get my hands on a copy, AND why I think YOU should too!

here’s the link again: –

~> Keyword Winner Plugin

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Comment by Alex
2011-03-12 06:03:22

the interesting question for me is will this plugin change your blogging? Does it just save a few minutes you would have spent using the google adwords tool or whatever or does it improve your blogging?


Comment by admin
2011-03-26 09:11:36

Hi Alex,
it’s a time saver as much as anything. For me that makes it worth the cost as I often don’t have the time to go do some proper keyword research when doing a blog post and just “guestimate” the best keywords to use/target, so this makes the whole process quicker and easier…

Comment by Marian
2011-05-24 08:43:08

Just found this video. What a great little plug in.


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