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John Thornhill’s Coaching MasterClass for 2010 has just gone live and he’s now accepting new students, although I’m not sure how long for as the places on offer are likely to be snapped up quickly, you’ll understand why when you see just how much he’s offering…

[note: skip to the bottom to see my bonus offer and how to claim yours]

I’ve posted some of the case studies from last year’s students over on, you can see them here: –

# Case Study Craig Stringham
# Case Study Robert Corrigan
# Case Study Kathy Dobson
# Case Study Steve Wilkins
# Case Study Stuart Turnbull
# Case Study Jacinta Dean
# Case Study John Edwards

so you can see just how happy previous students have been with John’s coaching!

John’s one of those rare “guru’s” who doesn’t make the bulk of his income from teaching, he makes it from doing what he then teaches, which means he really does know what he’s talking about and he knows exactly how to help others achieve the same results!

John Thornhill’s Coaching MasterClass

so just what do you get in his coaching plan..?

simple, everything you need!

just take a look: –

Phase 1 – Blog Creation

  • ~ Week 1 – Setup Domain And Email Accounts
  • ~ Week 2 – Initial Blog Creation
  • ~ Week 3 – Blog Creation Continued
  • ~ Week 4 – Integrate Aweber With Blog
  • ~ Week 5 – Add Graphics To Blog
  • ~ Week 6 – Webinar 1 – Advanced Blogging Tactics

Phase 2 – Product Creation

  • ~ Week 7 – Marketing Masterclass Forum Access
  • ~ Week 8 – Initial Niche Selection
  • ~ Week 9 – Niche Selection Continued
  • ~ Week 10 – Initial Product Creation
  • ~ Week 11 – Begin Product Creation
  • ~ Week 12 – Complete First Draft
  • ~ Week 13 – Review First Draft
  • ~ Week 14 – Complete eBook Creation (final review)
  • ~ Week 15 – Increasing The Value Of Your Product
  • ~ Week 16 – Final Product Creation Steps & Sales Page Preparation

Phase 3 – Sales Page Creation

  • ~ Week 17 – Sales Page Creation – Part 1
  • ~ Week 18 – Sales Page Creation – Part 2
  • ~ Week 19 – Sales Page Creation – Part 3
  • ~ Week 20 – Sales Page Creation – Adding Bonus Products
  • ~ Week 21 – Finalize Sales Page Creation

Phase 4 – The Rest Of Your Site

  • ~ Week 22 – Create Mini-Course
  • ~ Week 23 – Add Mini-Course to Sales Page
  • ~ Week 24 – Create Affiliates Page
  • ~ Week 25 – ClickBank Approval (We Go Live)

Phase 5 – Traffic Generation

  • ~ Week 26 – Writing And Submitting Articles
  • ~ Week 27 – Posting To Forums And Blogs
  • ~ Week 28 – Creating Ads Via ClickBank
  • ~ Week 29 – Gaining JV Partners
  • ~ Week 30 – All Things Twitter
  • ~ Week 31 – The Warrior Forum
  • ~ Week 32 – Creating Viral Reports And eBooks

Phase 6 – Advanced Tactics

  • ~ Week 33 – Creating and Offering Discounts
  • ~ Week 34 – Using Virtual Agents (Exit Scripts)
  • ~ Week 35 – All Things eBay
  • ~ Week 36 – Wash – Rinse – Repeat
  • ~ Week 37 – Sales Page Edit – Gary Gowan
  • ~ Week 38 – Sales Page Edit – Stuart Turnbull
  • ~ Week 39 – Sales Page Edit – Steve King
  • ~ Week 40 – Sales Page Edit – Robert Corrigan
  • ~ Week 41 – Write a Case Study

see what I mean…. 🙂

at the end of the 41 weeks you will be an internet marketing expert with your own blog, product, sales letter and email list set up!!!

John Thornhill’s Coaching MasterClass

so what could I possibly offer as a bonus that would add to that..?

I had to rack my brains hard to come up with something that would not only add something to John’s awesome coaching class, but add something that really compliments it and offers REAL VALUE!

and I think I’ve come up with the perfect bonus offer, one that rocks…

when you pick up John’s coaching course through my link below (and send me a copy of your receipt at I will do 2+ things for you: –

1st I will give you a copy of the recent presentation I did on using AdSwaps for list building.

This was a private presentation behind closed doors that people were paying over £300 ($500+) each to be at and is over an hour long.

I’m going to be selling this presentation recording myself for at least $97

& 2nd, and this is the BIGGY, once you have your product and offer in place, providing it is an “internet marketing/Work at Home” related product, I will mail to at least 18,000 subscribers for you to kick start your list building and get you enough confirmed optins that you can start doing AdSwaps in my private adswaps forum!!!

and here’s the “+”, I will also add a promo email for your product to one of my permanent email follow up sequences, so you will continue to get fresh new leads for months to come!

AND I’ll make sure you have my personal skype address so if you get stuck on anything in John’s coaching lessons you can give me a shout and I’ll help you with it!!!

how’s that for a bonus!?!

it’s something I’ve never offered before and I’m going to have to limit it to just 10 people, so you need to act fast and grab your place on John’s Masterclass Coaching program now in order to take advantage of this VERY LIMITED bonus!

Now I know it’s kinda traditional to put a money “value” on a bonus, but I honestly can’t work out just how much this is worth, but I gotta say it’s certainly somewhere in the 5 figure bracket. At the end of the day, I’m trying to make this bonus the perfect compliment to John’s coaching, I hope you agree this fits the bill, if not feel free to let me know!

here’s the link again: –

John Thornhill’s MasterClass

and don’t forget John’s only letting 50 people in on this coaching masterclass, so you need to get in right now!

as soon as you get your confirmation receipt pop over to and open a support ticket, then simply paste your receipt in to the support ticket to claim your bonus as one of the 10 places and I’ll confirm with you asap!

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