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It’s a commenly held belief that brand new websites can take a long while to get indexed in Google and start getting natural traffic from the seacrh engines.

Fortunatly this belief, like many other miss informed SEO “myths”, is simply wrong, especially when it comes to blogs.

Neil Shearing is one of those marketers who tends to ignore “commonly held beliefs” and just try things out for himself, he’s previously proven that it’s perfectly possible to make money from article sites using PLR content that other people are also using.

I used a copy of his article site script to do the same, you can read about it on my Testing blog here:

automated white hat adsense sites

anyway, back to the point of this post, this time Neil has gone and proved how it’s possible to get a blog indexed in Google and getting natural SE traffic within just 3 days of the domain being registered!

The blog then went on to make it’s first sale within 10 days and made over $3,851 of sales in it’s very first month..

and all that without spending any money at all on promoting the site, he just got one free backlink from a well known authority site..

Now that’s results that I can get excited about!!

Neil’s done this with a new blog plugin that automates the use of datafeeds with wordpress blogs.

If you’ve not heard of datafeeds before they are basically great big text files with all of the product details (i.e. targeted content) from big online retailers that you can get from affiliate programs like LinkShare and CJ.

These huge sources of free content can also have your affiliate link embedded throughout them, to make sure whenever someone click on a link to go to the retailers site you get a commission when the buy something.

let me run that past you again, it’s free content with monetization built in for you..

yeah, I like that idea too!

I’ve managed to get a “pre-release” copy of the plugin and I’ll be getting it up and running on some of my blogs later tonight, but the full plugin is being released tomorrow and Neil’s offering a 50% discount for the first 278 people to grab a copy.

that sounds like it’s quite a lot of people right?

Well I should warn you that Neil has an “early bird” notification service that allows people to get an hour headstart on the launch, and there were already over 432 people signed up for that when I spoke to Neil a couple of hours ago…

I’ll come back to how you can get on that early bird list in a moment..

Neils written a free report that details exactly what he did to promote the site & the results he got which you can grab here:

10 Day Cash Secrets

that report also includes the link for the early bird notification list, so go grab it now.

My plan is to kick this tool in to overdrive by combining it with the free traffic tools I mentioned over on my Internet Marketing Blog, to make sure my results are even better than Neil’s..

10 Day Cash Secrets

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