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One of the many advantages of using a blog is that you won’t need to upload html web pages whenever you want to add something to your site.

However there will be times when you do want to upload files to your site, such as: –

i. A new header for your blog
ii. A file to offer for download by your visitors
iii. Other images and pictures that you want to publish on your blog

Note: Never add an image to your blog that is copyright protected unless you have explicit written permission, as this is copyright infringement and is illegal.

If there is an image that you want your visitors to see that you don’t have rights to then simply link to where the image is and let people go visit it on the site that does have permission to use it.

Here’s a video on using the “filemanager” feature in your cPanel host to upload files to your site (under 2 mins):

And here’s how to do it using FTP (file transfer protocol) software (under 3 mins):

This second video also show you where you can download a free ftp system to use.

Next we’ll have a look at how to schedule posts in WordPress so that they appear at a set time in the future…

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