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You should now have your site added to your hosting plan and we’re ready to take the next step and install the blog.

This is the reason we chose a cPanel hosting plan in the first place, as cPanel includes a installation program called Fantastico which automates the installation of lots of different site management tools, WordPress being one of them

I’ve done another video to show you how to do this and it’s under 4 minutes long, so it’s not rocket science.

If you have some money to invest and are intending to set up multiple blogs you may well find it worth investing in an automated blog installation system.

I use one called WPManagerDX as it not only automates the installation of new blogs (on cPanel Hosts), but also allows me to automate a lot of the set-up, themes and plugins installation.

It also comes with a good selection of useful themes and plugins to help you get up and running.

you can check it out here: –

Automated WordPress Installation tool

Next we’ll cover setting up an email address in cPanel…

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